Where's the Convention...

About the location for the 2008 convention…

The choices seem to be geographically widely separated. It’s 3000 miles coast-to-coast, and that makes it difficult for “the other end” of the country to attend.

Hotels are much more expensive on the coasts than in the middle of the US. A location in the Midwest or Heartland would be closer and convenient to most of the membership, and the costs of travel and lodging would be much lower.

Holding a convention on the East or West coast would be more like a large area Chapter Meeting then a National Convention.

Just MHO and .02…or something…

I like the way you think

Oklahoma City Okla.

The cross roads of America I-40 I-35 just ask the truckers:)

Good points Jae.

I agree completely Jae

Last year in Orlando was heavily attended (I thought so anyway) and it doubled as a nice vacation… Of course I could drive down from SC :smiley:

  • The geographical center of the lower 48 states lies outside of Lebanon, Kansas, in the middle of a hog farm.
  • The geographical center of all 50 states is located 17 miles west of Castle Rock, South Dakota.
    *]The geodetic center of the U.S. is found approximately 42 miles south of Lebanon, Kansas. (Note: A geodetic survey makes corrections to account for the curvature of the Earth.)
    That last one would put it very close to Salina, KS on I-70. which is a three hr drive from KC, MO. KC is Easy in and Easy out, whether driving or flying. Awesome BarBQue, Great Beef, tons of rooms and many exhibit areas are available. Gambling too;-) and the first major shopping center (area) in the nation, Country Club Plaza $$$$$$$$. Cheap flights from all major hubs. A three hr flight or less from just about any point in the US

And, conveniently close to Paul as well…:mrgreen:

Conventions cost a lot of $$ for all of us including vendors and NACHI staff

Remember this could be some of our membership $$ if thing do not go right

I would say move it around a little rather than to try to include all of us.

Remember that the small inspector is the big inspector of tomorrow and today he does not have the $$ or time to travel across the country

I would like it to return to Florida where we have 1000 plus members but remember I live here

Atlanta sounds good

Run the NACHI map program to find out where all of us live and use that to select a site


Chicago area:

  1. Centrally located with a lot of members in the area that could not, normally, get to Toronto, Denver or Florida.
  2. Good venues, and not too expensive (the northern suburbs have great hotels, great food and are much cheaper than downtown venues).
  3. I have talked with the President of the local (Skokie) chamber of commerce and he indicated that he would happily help. he can also get us discountsfrom other chamber members.
  4. We can get speakers from the local building depts.
  5. Many possible (house walks) to see many different types of construction and different defects.
  6. The Chicago Chapter is large and that would mean that we would have a large group of people, on the ground, to help.
  7. Good shopping, entertainment and attractions in the area.
  8. Good quality, inexpensive hotels.
  9. We could have the convention within 4 miles of ASHI national headquarters. Wouldn’t that be something for the papers and media.
    *]We could ensure great media coverage of the event. I know of many newspaper and TV reporters who would just love to do a series on various home related issues (Safety, Building codes, electrical safety, home maintenance, etc.)
    That’s my recommendation.

KC BBQ yum yum. :smiley:

Good points Jae. Isn’t Las Vegas dead center in the middle of the country? Works for me!

You may be on to something Will, but the BBQ in vegas blows.

Okay, it’s settled then…Traverse City, MI 49684

It is the little finger of Michigan…I SAID LITTLE FINGER!

traverse_city (Small).jpg

They got any BBQ there Larry?

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/5/53/BlueAnchorPasty.jpg/250px-BlueAnchorPasty.jpg http://en.wikipedia.org/skins-1.5/common/images/magnify-clip.png
A pasty from Cornwall

A pasty (Cornish: Pasti, Hoggan, incorrectly written as pastie) is a type of pie, originally from Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is a baked savoury pastry case traditionally filled with diced meat, sliced potato and onion. The ingredients are uncooked before being placed in the unbaked pastry case.[1]](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pasty#_note-cornwallonline) Pasties with traditional ingredients are specifically named Cornish pasties. Traditionally, pasties have a semicircular shape, achieved by folding a circular pastry sheet over the filling. One edge is crimped to form a seal.
The vowel ‘a’ in pasty is ‘pure’ (IPA /ˈpæsti/, /ˈpɑːsti/). Thus, “pasty” does not sound anything like “paste.” The exact pronunciation varies among dialects.

I’ll make sure you get some. :smiley:

Chicago BarBeQ is the best in the world.
Ever tried Kosher BBQ. Jews invented BBQ. (think Temple Sacrifice, Burnt offerings, etc. Research it yourself. Leviticus and Exodus.)

You haven’t lived.

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  3. G-d helped.
    *]Let’s Eat
    Hope this helps;

I think we sould have it at Dee’s new house in CO. :smiley:

Dibs on the guest room. :mrgreen:

BEEF its whats for Dinner
PORK its the other white meat BBQ was invented at the cross roads of america:)