Some Sample Images from new FLIR T400

I got to break in my new camera today. Here are some images. Took me a few minutes to get used to the new camera, but it is awesome!!

Had to share some images :slight_smile:






Great shots I am also looking to upgrade thinking about the 360 OUCH!!!

I am getting ready to post an attic fan also with the B-cam no comparison

First pic attic fan B-cam no comparison

Second two pics on the ceiling below an upstairs bathtub running hot water the cold spot tested with the moisture meter 6.9% moisture no water visible. The hot spot almost 10 degrees difference had to be coming from the hot drain line don’t have a clue other than cold air entering the cavity from the drain line.

The fourth Pic is of a window with the vapor seal broken lot of moisture between the double panes of glass


Nice!! I want to upgrade already:) Seriously, those pics are amazing.

Congrats on your new camera!!

Charley, we put Kevin’s pictures into Home Inspector Pro today to see how they’d look and the quality was awesome. You could definitely see a difference between his camera and the B-Cam. The resolution was also large enough that the pics could be made to match the normal digitals too.

Just a side note about the camera. It was purchased for my new business “Richardson Building Diagnostics - Infrared Thermal Imaging Solutions”

The BCAM SD performed very well for me for the time I had the camera. Congrats to Mathew Hawley for purshasing my BCAM. He got a great camera for a nice price!! Matt, I hope you have as much fun with it as I did. :slight_smile:


ps…The images do look great in Dominic’s software. The best I’ve seen yet with any “Inspection” software. The two images line up perfectly, while keeping image quality.


Kevin what is the resolution on the T400 I remember seeing it in the catalog but don’t remember the resolution.



Thanks Kevin, glad you thought that too :slight_smile: When you get a chance please send me some more of those images as I’d love to use them to make an example report with thermal imaging. I appreciate your help. I tried giving you a greenie but I need to ‘spread it around’ first!


I swamped this week, but will send you some case studies with both digital and IR images as soon as I am able.


No problem, I’m swamped too. Whenever you get a chance.

Hey Kevin Which IR camera did you purchase, I just ordered the
FLIR B-CAM SD, I’M also taking the course in March with ITC for Level-1
can’t wait to get started.

What happens in Vegas has to stay in Vegas :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

The one that costs 4X the one you got!

I think Keven won the lottery!

im thinking about getting a flir t400 in like new condition for about 5500.00 hopefully this is a good price and hopefully this will help me in my testing at work (electrical panels and motors/pumps) am i on the right track here looks to have a good detail image. is there anything i should know about this unit and its software? also looking to get my 1 and 2 cert in thermalogy but im here in northern calif whats a good company to do this with/ thanks and cheers Phil:shock::roll:


Way to find an oldie :smiley:


Some of the new cameras come with training if you want it… Flir has a deal til end of March for Training dollars.

If you paid $5500 for camera and then paid for $1500+ for training, you’re getting close to a new camera that comes with a warranty and $$ towards training as well… something to think about. Unless of course, your’s is coming with warranty.

I also realize, that “It” (money) certainly doesn’t grow on trees…