Nice to feel like the agent thinks you got it right.

Inspected a home built in '74 yesterday in an area known to have expansive soil. This note from the buyer’s agent was in today’s e-mail:

Thank you for your good work.
Just a note, that we will be terminating the contract to buy this property. In reading this inspection, I’m supporting the Buyers in this decision. This is a good story about why we have inspections before closing transactions.
Again, thank you.

Enjoy the day,

That’s a good agent. Email me his contact information… I’ll recommend him.

That’s a “normal” agent in my area. I rarely come across one that is not looking out for the best interest of their client.

California must be a totally different world. I have read about stuff like this in Superman comics when I was a kid.

Don’t forget that they are highly motivated in California… to stay out of court! :wink:

What amazes me is when you talk to the builders in expansion soil areas, is that they are aware of the probelms caused by expansion soils but still build the foundations the same way. Then claim that failure of foundations are common.](*,)

Kenton, would you mind sharing what you wrote in your report on this particular issue?

Widespread severe horizontal mid-wall cracking in the poured concrete foundation wall appeared to be consistent with damage caused by lateral pressure. Cracking was deep and included displacement.
The home was located in an area known to contain expansive soils. Expansive soils are those that expand greatly in volume in response to increased moisture content. Expanding soils can easily damage concrete foundations.
You should consult with a structural engineer before the expiration of your Inspection Objection Deadline to discuss the potential need and options for stabilization.

Very clear and concise. Thanks.

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This message board had one of those buttons at one time :smiley:

Ahh yes Mr. Pope. Just for you.

Greens and reds. This board has gone through a number of iterations over the years, eh guys? Participating is almost like living in a small town.

This town???

Here, it would have been coated and re-listed. When do we close? :mrgreen:

Same here.

If the deal is off the table what eventually happens with a property like that? The seller has to remedy the problem? what if the bank owns it? just curious

As I said earlier, it gets patched and then re-listed.
There are several banks that are now giving credits at closing as long as they are the ones doing the financing on the bank owned properties. Or, they will increase the loan amount and give the buyers a check at closing.

Ok, gotcha I issed that post.