Soon, home inspections will be free to everyone in the world.

The InterNACHI inspector still charges and collects his/her fee… but the additional added value (in this case… gift certificates from Home Depot or Lowes) we include with the inspection report, is now approaching the cost of the home inspection.

We hope to eventually offer $2,000.00 worth of cash and gift cards to any consumer who hires an InterNACHI member.

This of course will result in consumers hiring InterNACHI members, even when they don’t need/want a home inspection.

This of course will also result in ALL inspections being performed solely by InterNACHI members.

Can you provide a list of all the coupons available for us to offer our clients. I only know of the Guardian and PODS discounts that are available right now. I am sure there are other ones out there that I have not come across yet. A consolidated list of them would be nice.


I worked in the corporate world for years, and it is legal to offer rebates, incentives, alternative income, whatever you want to call it, to the person who hired and paid you. Not a third party.

Will this be a refferal fee or “kick-back”? Make sure it is legal. This may be considered a third party in many states.

It is not legal to take the $ in a few licensed states, but perfectly legal to procure the $100.00 Home Depot or Lowes gift card for your client… and perfectly legal to give him the other $150.00 in ALL 50 states.

I’m sure your client will love (and will take) the $250.00!