SOP for well inspections

I have taken the “How to Inspect Private Drinking Water Wells Course” and read several books on domestic wells, and I have lived with a well and completed the maintenance and repairs over the past 15 years so I am familiar with the different components.

It seems like there is a very big variation between practitioners when it comes to what a well inspection includes. Does anyone know of a published SOP or standard scope of work for well testing?

If anyone does well inspections in an area outside my service area (Kern County, CA), I would love to pick your brain on the scope of work you do for well inspection.

Water sample, visual examination of the components (bladder tank, pressure switch, misc fittings/ piping coming into the building up to tie in to main water supply piping), wiring, amperage draw of the pump. That pretty much covers it.

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Some areas may require a well yield test before a property sale. The county I reside in requires one, there is no stipulation who does it (buyer or seller).

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Another inspector turned me onto this webpage, which I found very helpful.

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Thanks for posting this, Eugene.It is very helpful.

Nice link Eugene! :smile: