Sorry all, our server cluster crashed for a bit.


You may have noticed that did not go down, it is on a separate server so your websites are not affected.

Great work all in getting it back up! Take it from me…I used to own a large ISP in SO Fla…that was good work!

I was wondering what happened. All my pages I had up stopped working. One disappeared, and the practice test I was taking had nothing in the answer boxes.

I just figured the test was trying to give me a hint. :wink:

Hey, you threw a bunch of us into NACHI withdrawal!

I just went shopping. Always makes me feel better.

Giving a Wendy/NACHI presentation to the local Windermere Office. They have three branch offices in the area.

Wendy, do you have PowerPoint?
I have something you can modify for that, next time .

Cool. Yep. Have Power Point, Laptop is on it’s way, just need a projector now. :slight_smile:

Are you on dialup, or faster?