Server upgrade!

Is it just me? Or is this thing way stupid faster? :smiley:
AH OH! Junior just dropped the F bomb:mrgreen:

A lot faster good work Nick and the gang

Way fast, Works good on my side :mrgreen:

Stupid fast.

Very nice :smiley:

Didn’t realize how slow it was until now!

Stupid fast.

Chris has been preparing for this huge move for more than a year and yesterday we pulled the trigger and got it done. He just left our IT Department in Philadelphia and is now on a plane (asleep I presume) to Colorado.

The experience of coming to InterNACHI’s message board just got way better.

Sleep? What’s that?

I cannot upload images. It says invalid image type. It’s a jpg.

I can’t get on the Buy Back page.

Let’s see if this one loads…
Ummm UT Oh!

Me too, just got a call for an inspection and tried the Buy Back. I was told to try again in 5 minutes -

Definitely a lot faster; But you can’t upload photos. At least I can’t.

Buyback and image upload issues are getting resolved right now. Should be fixed shortly.


In fact, it looks like we got the image upload fixed already. Can someone test and confirm?

Test test…

Pictures are a go!
Good work Chris! You weren’t kidding about the sleep thing! :wink:

This is pretty good. It works great.:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good to go.

Alright guys, try the buyback page now. Should be working.