Sorry I am such a hypocrite

Dear NACHI members,

I know I’ve been very critical of OAHI over the past few years and have called them every name under the sun, but as we all know, action speaks far louder than words. So, it should come as a surprise, even a shock maybe, that while I “say” one thing, I am attempting to do just the opposite.

**I have applied to OAHI to have my “Retired RHI” status upgraded back to full “RHI” for the 2007 membership year.
I realize this might be the most hypocritical thing you’ve ever witnessed on this forum or in your life, or even in history, but frankly most of the stuff I said about OAHI and its members and leaders was just the ramblings of a very bitter little man. For that I’m sorry and I hope they will ignore all the libellous things I’ve said about them every day for the past five years. Forgive and forget, right?

Now, I will admit I’m a little worried how this will work. I hope OAHI doesn’t ask me about my CEUs, because although I am supposed to maintain 20 CEUs a year, I haven’t earned a single CEU in the past three or four years. I suspect OAHI will make me take a few courses to get my CEUs back up to where they belong before they will allow me to renew. This is only reasonable and is the way a professional association should handle a case like mine.

Also, as everyone knows (because I’ve readily admitted it here on many occasions), I’ve been inspecting regularly over the past two years that I’ve been lying about being retired. I suspect that OAHI will make me pay the difference between the “Retired RHI” membership fee and the full fee for the past two years. That works out to an extra $550.00 over and above the 2007 membership fee. Again, this is only reasonable and is the way a professional association should handle a case like mine.

Then there’s the issue of all the complaints I’ve earned. I have tons of them against me and OAHI would be remise to upgrade me before each and every one of them is resolved to OAHI’s satisfaction. That’s probably going to hold me up for a while. Again, this is only reasonable and is the way a professional association should handle a case like mine.

Then there are the OAHI legal fees that I’ve racked up with all my frivolous letters and emails to their Lawyer. In fairness, I should pay for any unnecessary and wasteful legal costs that I’ve caused OAHI to incur over the past five years. Again, this is only reasonable and is the way a professional association should handle a case like mine.

And lastly, OAHI will probably require that I take the “Defect Recognition and Reporting Course,” and obviously I am in desperate need of the Humber “Home Inspector Ethhics Course,” since I’ve supposedly been “retired” the past two years and might be a little rusty with inspecting. Again, this is only reasonable and is the way a professional association should handle a case like mine.

Of course, while I am working toward my RHI throughout 2007, I will have to remove any reference to it from all my electronic and print marketing materials. If they catch me calling myself an RHI when I am not even a member, they will have every right to suspend for a year and fine me accordingly. Again, this is only reasonable and is the way a professional association should handle a case like mine.

But I’m determined to get back in at any cost. I’m sure after investing a few grand into much needed education, correcting my lies about being retired, paying the frivolous legal costs I’ve caused, and resolving my numerous complaints, I will once again legitimately be able to call myself an RHI. It will be refreshing not to have to lie to my clients about my credentials.

I know some of you will be scratching your heads over my totally hypocritical move here, but you all really should not have taken my years of childish hate, anger and bitterness so seriously. After all, if there was any truth in what I’ve been saying about OAHI, do you really think I’d be so desperate to get them to let me back in as a full RHI member? Of course not. If even half of what I’ve been saying were true, I’d have quit long ago, as would anyone with half a brain and any principles.

Another phoney post Not Raymond look for

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Members have this

Roy Cooke

My Mistake. It turns out Raymond is posting as himself.
I did not recognize him because in this post he was being very honest.
I am not used to that from him.
Yes he is a huge hypocrite but we still love him.
I hope OAHI takes him back as an RHI so he will have a shred of credibility.
Maybe if I’m lucky they will even take me back. hahaha.
Of course they won’t. No one here in Canada has any respect for me, or Raymond for that matter.

Roy D. Cooke, a very LOST NACHI member.

Leave my name out of the equation and I will stop pretending to be Raymond E. Wand and posting untrue statements.


Roy I am going to post under your name like I am doing with Raymond. Leave my name out of the equation.

Everyone knows I am trust worthy and credible. After all I am Editor in Chief of the Canadian Home Inspector Magazine and know a thing or two about words.


And you have no idea who is posting under “gilstrachan” either.
Tehee Tehee Tehee

Not me hehe

Bugmenot Shut Up! You Rube!

I think you meant RUBY in the red dress not rube.

Now lets get back to business about those important thingees.

Dave thinks an awful lot of himself. I think it burns him up to know that others get away with what he can’t. So much for brains and brawn eh. He is a “rube.”

Heck I even agree that OAHI should have a full forensic audit going back as far as 1994.

Dear fellow NACHI members,

Since taking control of user account “gilstrachan” in hope of reducing the verbal diarrhea of Raymond and Roy, I have been hoping that this lunacy would be reduced. That sadly has not been the case.

**Mysteryman has come up with a way for you express your opinion and participate.

Non-members cannot post polls but ALL can vote on others reputation so here is the plan.

Option 1-
If you think Raymond and Roy should continue as they have been vote gilstrachan’s reputation DOWN and Raymond and Roy’s UP

Option 2-
If you think Raymond and Roy should shut-up and get a life
vote gilstrachan’s
reputation UP and Raymond and Roy’s DOWN

Let’s see what the membership of NACHI really thinks of these two boys antics.

Go to the yellow star at the top of the post to give reputation points.

Speak up NACHI. This is your BB too.**


Nothing new under the Sun! :roll:

The sun never shines where they are at! :twisted:

Did you *really *need to bump this thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, well! They are who they are! :shock:


Jeffery your farther north then where were at.:wink:

Hey Gerry,
You may be correct, geographically, but I was referring to a “place where the sun never shines”!!! Get it? :twisted::p:D:D

My bad. LOL

It’s a little early for an April fools joke!

Another thread that proves the foolishness of having so called “moderators” judging what posts are worthy of publication and which ones are not.

A highly skilled, objective and deep thinking InterNACHI moderator actually read and evaluated these posts as being something worthy of publication for others to read.

It sends shivers down my spine to think, even for a moment, what posts were actually deleted and not allowed on the board after reading through this garbage.