NACHI and the others

I joined NACHI in 2003 and left OAHI/CAHPI shortly after .
I have seen many Join Nachi and watched NACHI grow .
Many Canadians have joined NACHI and a few have left .
I have watched some who complain the most say they where leaving OAHI and then paid a penalty to rejoined OAHI.
I have watched those Nay Sayers try to destroy OAHI more then once .
Now some where CMIs and then they where not.
I have watched these same people start other associations and say how great thing are and how NACHI would soon die .
I find it most humorous these same ones come to NACHI and Cry about how bad NACHI is .
They love NACHI as it gives them an audience to try and show how great they are and how stupid the NACHI association is .
They ridicule when they have nothing sensible to say .
The thing is it is the same few who are **flusterated **and have no idea how to get along with others in this Industry .

Instead of constant attacking How about officering a solution on how to improve our industry.

It’s all about the audience…there are people out there that “crave” the attention and find that paying association fees is an easy/cheap way to capture their audience.

Unfortunately, they don’t realize it’s a waste of their money and their time. Even more unfortunate that members don’t know how to just ignore.

So Roy, what’s your take on Raymond’s bashing post on the ACHI forum about NACHI?

As much as you claim people bash NACHI I suggest take a real good look at how NACHI and “some” of its posters have done exactly the same, in fact the real unfortunate part is when it becomes “personal”.

So you see it keeps going round and round. Do you simply expect people not to respond to such NONSENSE, LIES & INNUENDOES particularly when it is directed at them?

How can someone bash InterNACHI? What’s there to bash?

You Know bill is the Biggest Liar on this BB
( not Nice I do not like to say it but them is the facts )

Typical Claude and Bill never take any responsibility turn every thing around and blame the other guy .
You guys have at no time that I have seen have offered any way to change ,Improve , try and comunicate .
You and Bill are always right and every one else is wrong .
How about offering some information on how to improve our industry and stop the My Xxxx is Bigger the Your Xxxx attitude

InterNACHI… what’s not to love?:

Pick me…Pick me…OOOOOOOOOOO…OOOOOOOOOO Pick meeee

Have at it. Just don’t bash your fellow members’ inspection-related products and services. At least they’re offering options. Like InterNACHI membership, inspectors will vote with their wallets.

Well, Roy, you must have lots of proof to make such a bold statement. I have asked you a few times to show us even ONE example of a lie made by me and you have never shown us where I have lied. Now remember that just because I say things that don’t agree with your point of view, that doesn’t make them a lie.

I sure hope you can prove beyond a doubt that I have lied, because if you can’t…well, let’s just say that I am fed up with your nonsense.

Bill Mullen

I agree with you Bill. I don’t think you lied about NCP, I think you got scammed into helping them promote a scam.

What fellow members? Those tools from that school? They are not members they are vendors pretending to be members.

All I see is two girls some guy and a dog…which one of them is the member and how many home inspections have they done?

So if they were not giving you kick backs would they be members? If you were not allowing them to pimp our organization would they be members? I doubt it.

So that wasn’t really bashing was it?

And do inspectors really vote with their wallet? That very shallow thinking of our profession. I know you have not been in our profession for some time and in the profession of making money off of us, which is fine. But please do not pretend to know what we do anymore, do not pretend you are “looking out for us”. Nick you prime and whole purpose is to get as many people into the profession as possible and the more the merrier. You brag about the numbers you have and continue to brag about the growing number of inspectors. So I do not think they “vote” with their wallets, I think they vote with their heads and I think they see value in your education as do I.

As far as being a leader in helping out inspectors in their business, well I can read 4 marketing books and get more info than you have given, but those inexperienced in marketing will be in awe at your insight. You will give away 4 books and a set of drill bits and a flashilight and they think your Saint…well…NICK!

You use the money in the organization to market no one but your organization. Not its MEMBERS, the organization, knowing that new inspectors will see this and want to become members and see what you offer as value (which their is value in what you offer). Its a great marketing scheme and it works well for YOU.

So when you say we vote with our wallets, I disagree with vote with our heads, and allow you slightly into our wallets.

Bill how about the three time you promised NACHI you would put NACHI on you web site you never Did yoiu even bragged on the the Cannachi web site how no way would you put NACHI on your web site .
You are two faced and had

Please Bill tell me what you have offered to help our industry all get going in the same direction .
You slam me NACHI and others but do not offer a method of where we all can help all Canadian Homies

How about the Charge shown on the OAHI web site by a fellow Homie .
What has happened with that Charge .

quote=Bill Mullen;731936]Bill has told nobody any such thing. For those watching, Roy has just told another of his big lies, just so he can try to ruin someone.
The man is all about negativity. What a sorry life he must lead !!
As I said before, Roy. GO AWAY !!!
I intend to submit a complaint about harrassment if this continues. I have asked Roy nicely to back off and I’ve about had enough.
I came here on your invitation, Nick, to try to make a few good things happen in concert with you and others. Mr. Cooke has decided to make a mockery of our intentions so until I see that you have done something about him** I just can’t spend any more time trying to cobble together something** with you and others.
Bill Mullen

Bill this is not a lie and for you to say so is wrong .
Will you please apologize for this thanks… Roy

Bill this is not a lie and for you to say so is wrong .
Will you please apologize for this thanks… Roy


More inane blather, Roy. For starters, I can barely interpret what you are saying due to the scattered way you write.

None of the above provides any evidence of a lie. It’s all stuff you have tried to fluff up to make me look bad, but it doesn’t work.

As for the NACHI logo fiasco, that was between me and Lisa Endza, and the fact that you have these details shows that members’ information is far from private at NACHI. It also does not prove any lies were involved.

Just go away, Roy. You are a blight on the industry.

As to your invitation " Please Bill tell me what you have offered to help our industry all get going in the same direction ."

Here’s the best answer, based on the fact that only one organization has approval for licensing in two provinces. NHICC

Bill Mullen


The NCP as delivered by the NHICC is doing very well, thank you. Far from being a scam, the NHI sits as the only credential that is approved by BOTH Alberta and BC for licesning.

After we salvaged it from the CAHPI damage, it just needed some guidance and proper care, which it received from some dedicated volunteers right across the country.

Bill Mullen

(“As for the NACHI logo fiasco, that was between me and Lisa Endza, and the fact that you have these details shows that members’ information is far from private at NACHI. It also does not prove any lies were involved.”)

Wrong Bill it was my business as I was the one who reported you for cheating and Three times you said you would fix your web site .
Looks like lies to me .
I challenged you on the CANACHI site and you bragged how no way would you ever support NACHI .
You again showed just what sort of a Hypocrite you are and a parasite using NACHI and others to move your self forward on the backs of others .
Bill keep it up I have much about you .

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