What do you think about this roof underlayment/decking

So I was contacted to do an inspection on a home with a tile roof and the buyer was worried that the roof didn’t have a proper underlayment and or sheeting. I hear that the area is know for being mis-built in the late 80’s. It is in Williamsburg(next to Sea World)

What do you guys think?

Just for reference, I put my hand thru that hole in the first picture and moved the tile up and could see the sky. I’m not sure how the tile are even up there without sheeting.


What is your question?

Should the roof have some sort of decking/sheeting? There are an awful lot of water stains on that fabric. I wrote it up just as I saw it, no decking and evidence of water stains.

Bulldoze it and start over

Wonder how they stay up myself.

Don’t appear to be the bottom side of the tiles there. What’s the grey material underneath the radiant barrier?

I have done thousands of inspections, saw this exact set up for the first time last November. Wrote it up as a major issue, costly repair. Called in a roofer with 25 years of experience and he had never seen it before either but recommended a full removal and installation of a proper deck. Could see blue sky through cracks in the tile. The roofer said he has heard of this type of install before on homes needing a very quick roof replacement after storms. In my case the home was built in 79 and I believe the roof was replaced in the late 80’s or early 90’s after the home had gone through a flood. Tiles were held up with 1x4 decking, spaced about 12 inches apart leaving a 6-8 inch gap in-between each board. Another great reason why I do not walk tile roofs.

It’s called batten decking. Not a good idea for tile roofs unless you are in Mexico I guess.

Also, not even close to code for a roof system without structural sheathing.

Purlin, Batten decking not wind load compliant for sure. See it on older roofs with metal.


That is the exact same way the roof I inspected looked. I really couldn’t believe it either! How it stays up there I have no idea!

I guess the four separate coats of non cut in ceiling paint/primer was the first give away lol


See the section: " How Tiles are Attached" :slight_smile: