Cement roof material question?

I wanted to get some thoughts on this roof. I’m doing the inspection in a couple days and wanted to see what you all think. I haven’t been on a roof with this material.

The listing agent says it is a “masonite or cement shake roof”. I just want to do a little more research before I go walking around on it. These are the best pics I have of it. Built in 2008.

I assume from the pic it is a concrete tile. What to look for as far as correct installation on this tile?



The front facing pic doesn’t look too “walking friendly” IMO

I’m looking at the pics, it looks like a concrete roof tile http://www.eagleroofing.com/products_eagleProducts.htm# to me,

Masonite/woodruff… I’m not aware of any masonite roofing products being installed currently, the one’s I’ve run across were “funky” to say the least and many were subject to class action suits (I think it’s long enough ago the claim period was done some time back). I can tell you a home in built in 2008 doesn’t have it…

Take a pic and post it from a bit closer when you’re doing the inspection… you’ll get some feed back if you have any questions. You will be able to tell without a doubt what you’ve got when you’re closer.

Take some pics and post 'em for some feedback. I’m sure you know this, but don’t walk on something you’re not comfortable doing so. A good ladder and binoculars on those steep parts may be well advised.

By the way… some reading for ya http://www.eagleroofing.com/pdf/ProductLiturature/InstallationGuides/FRSAInstallationManual.pdf

Thanks for the info, Tim. I agree, not very ‘walker friendly’. I want to get on the back section of the lower roof to get a good look at the valley on the right. I’ll put some pics up after the inspection.

Thanks for the links- much appreciated.

Have you ever walked a concrete roof before this? Do you know the proper way to way to walk this type of roof? Step wrong and you can crack the tiles. Be safe.

Thanks Nick. BTW, where do you think the plumbing vents and furnace/water heater vents are? AAV’s and electric units? I don’t see anything protruding from the roof.

The furnace/water heater vents need not protrude through the roof, they could vent out the wall behind a bush just above grade. The plumbing vent might be in the chimney-looking thing at the rear of the home. Were the bathrooms and kitchen located/stacked around this chimney-looking thing? I’ll bet it houses/disguises the main DWV stack.

Do you have pictures of the back?
On a lot of high end homes and even in some planned communities here, all of the roof protrusions are in the back so as not to be seen from the roadway. Supposedly, this gives a cleaner look to the home and enhances the value.

I figure they are in the back or on the sides where I don’t have pics. Haven’t been to the property yet, just asking questions off of the 2 exterior pics from the listing.

They hid the flue pipes and vents pretty well from view, although deficient

They sure did!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

That sure is a nice detailed image.
Good camera work.:slight_smile: