Spare Tool Bag & Tools

For Several Years I’ve carried a spare tool bag & 12.5’ Extend & Climb ladder in the trunk of my Chevy HHR in case something came up in a hurry OR in case I was away from home and I didn’t wanta run home and fire up my astro van.

I’m selling the ladder and tool bag / tools.

Ladder can go separately but tool bag / tools go together.

Call Or Email if interested (918) 816-0607 /

**Spare Tool Bag & Ladder

  1.          Black Canvass Tool Bag – 2 side zippered pockets / Inside top & Front zippered pockets
  2.          Water Pressure Gauge
  3.          2 Cell Mag Light  w/leather belt loop carrier
  4.          UEI plastic magnetic digital thermostat
  5.          18” Telescoping mirror
  6.          6-in-1 Screwdriver / nutdriver
  7.          Elastic head lamp for attics, crawlspace, etc
  8.          Sperry GFCI tester w/ 6” ext cord
  9.          Ohms Hound electrical tester
  10.       Compass
  11.       Stubby Phillips Head Screwdriver
  12.       Stubby Straight Slot Screwdriver
  13.       2 Sets of Plastic wire Gauges (1 for bare wire / 1 for insulated wire sheath)
  14.       Long 6-in-1 Screwdriver / Nutdriver
  15.       Telescoping Magnetic pick-up tool
  16.       Log Lighter / Pilot Light Long Lighter
  17.       1 small 6” Mag light with canvass belt carry case
  18.       1 Black & Decker “Pivot Driver” (electric screwdriver w/ spare battery)
  19.       1 Amp Probe with carry case and leads
  20.       Fireplace Key
  21.       Scratch Awl
  22.       Small Pocket Bubble Level
  23.       Wire Cutters / Strippers
  24.       Crescent Wrench 
  25.       Socket Set w/sockets
  26.       ¼” Nutdriver 
  27.       Short 6-in-1 Screwdriver / Nutdriver
  28.       16’ Tape Measure
  29.       Handheld Infrared Thermometer
  30.       12.5’ Extend & Climb Telescoping ladder (300lb rated)

Pics of Bag / Tools in previous post






Email sent

An amp clamp, and wire strippers?

How much electrical work do you perform during your home inspections, Dan? :wink:

Michael …

Amp Probe / VOM =
For Checking amp draw on AC compressors sometimes; checking fuses OR breakers;
For checking elements on electric furnaces, etc. What do you use??

Wire strippers = Have had old wires break; have had pinched wires spark, etc. Shut off breaker … Strip off insulation as needed … Reconnect / Emergency Only.