tool case

i am currently using a wide mouth tool bag by craftsman which is ok but sometimes hard to find tools especially the small ones that always end up under everything. can anyone recommend any easy access equipment carry case that i can wear over my shoulder while walking around the site?

I use an electricians bag that I found at Home Depot. It is a McGuires/Nicholas brand with a carry handle, shoulder strap, and can even be used with a 2" construction type web belt. It holds all the little things that got lost in my big bag and can be carried easily into attics and with me throughout the house.

I still use the big bag for extra stuff i.e. screw/nut drivers, moisture meter, goggles, gloves, etc. but it pretty much stays in one spot once I get into the house.

Louis, try Ebay. They have a pretty extensive variety of cases and tool pouches and bags there. Maybe that will help you decide which one would benefit you the most.


I carry a canvas bag that I purchased at Home Depot.

It contains pockets throughout the outside of the bag and has plenty of room inside for flashlight and bigger items and also contains more smaller pockets inside. My expensive tools go in every outside pocket, so I can take a quick inventory every time I pick up my bag.

The tool bags with the outside pockets will always be my option.

The bucket/tool pouch is handy, I used one for years. Got a lot of compliments on it over the years. Go figure.

Anyway I have upgraded to a Huskey, open tool box with sturdy aluminum handle. Lots of pockets, carry my deck shoes, spot light, infra red therm, flashlight, two moisture meatures, amp/prop, safety glasses, and all sorts of ancilliary equipment. Like the bucket, I get a lot of compliments about my Huskey. Looks are everything. :wink:

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I have a bunch of crap in a wide mouth tool bag too, but I mostly carry a long screw driver, voltage ticker, camera cliped on my belt, three bulb outlet tester, and a flashlight; except for the camera, all fit in a belt tool pouch.

Sometimes less is more.

I agree and the only thing I carry above what you list is my Ladder and Mask for when I go into attic.

Example of bucket and box.



I have a craftsman widemouth bag also but mine has a bunch of pockets on the inside and outside. You should have went for a few more bucks and you would have been OK. Haaaaaaaaaaaa, Haaaaaaaaaaa just breaking your you know what. But I do have the bigger bag.

Len, good one. are you still doing module 5’s for Bill? I was one of your students, thank you. Anyway I searched around and I found an open top tool bag from Grainger item # 1LWK3 for $34.95 like the one Raymond Wand posted. Thanks to all. Oh, and if Len Ungar needs another Craftsman bag, let me know.
I forgot to mention I have the same yellow lab as Ray only 4 months old , where did you get that saddle?

No thank you on the bag, but I also have a cholate lab 11 months old and he is a real handful. A little better since he has been cliped but nothing like female labs. Louis i’ll most likely see you at the CE’s classes.:roll:

I used to carry the Professional Equipment HUGE shoulder bag. Quit carrying it into a house. Quit carrying it - Just too unprofessional looking.

I carry a Mag Light, Stinger, GFCI Tester, Volt/Ohms Hound, Moisture Meter, Digital Thermometer, 6-in-1 Screwdriver, Inspection Mirror, Digital Camera, Rubber Tub Stopper (from PE), a P5 Laser Level, a Golf Ball, a Compass, a Wire Gauge and a 25’ Fat Bob Tape Measure into the house in a padded bag similar to a Gatemouth Junior.

Anything else stays outside in the car for those rare instances I need it.

Sounds like a shoddy inspection to me BK… LOL:p:p:p:p

I decieded a couple of years ago to take 90% of my tools with me, so I wear a belt with two bags. I use a massive sparky belt for all my hand tools and the other on is set up for my sure test, amp probe et al.

On the other hand, I hate to carry a lot of tools with me around a house. All I carry with me consistently are a outlet tester, small flashlight, non-contact voltage sensor, 6-in-1 screwsdriver, 36" telescoping mirror, small utility knife, digital camera, and telescoping magnet. Oh yeah, my slate tablet with my software on it.

Everything else stays in the bag by the front door until I need it. It’s way too easy to bump into something when you’re hauling a lot around.

I use a Veto Pro PAC, I actually have two.

Very durable and both front and back open up to access tools, nice heavy duty handle which makes it easy to carry from room to room.

Since buying this tool bag I have yet to leave a tool behind.

I chose this one from Grainger and works out pretty good.