Hey Spectora.... what's it cost and what do I get?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Here is what you get (*(https://www.spectora.com/reviews))

Time - Spectora inspectors say they get time back with their families since they are writing most of their report on-site. Others are doing up to 4 inspections a day.

Money - Save money by not having to use multiple platforms to run your business.

Innovation - We’ve been around for a year and a half and look what we’ve done. We’re going to continue to innovate and push the industry forward.

Online scheduling and business tools - Everything you need to run your inspection business. Online booking, metrics, automated emails, and report delivery.

A clean user experience - We’ve invested significantly in a modern, easy-to-use experience on mobile and desktop.

Unlimited cloud storage - Included in our flat-rate, grandfathered-for-life pricing.

Marketing tools - We are constantly making articles and videos to help you market to agents and clients.

Responsive customer service - We pride ourselves on quick responses and solutions.

A vibrant, positive community - We’ve tended to attract the positive, upbeat, competitive inspector. New or experienced, our inspectors are first-class. They help each other, share templates, ideas and most importantly support each other to become better. They’re pretty funny too.

Check out our pricing page for our latest pricing. We grandfather pricing for life so no matter how good the software gets or how many inspections you do it’s the same price.*

You don’t seem to offer a own-it-outright option.
I hate subscription based software models.


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Me too. They’re a HUGE Money Pit.

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So you bought your software once and never upgraded for a fee? Or do you use cloud services that have a monthly fee?

I’ve seen mention of “referral” money. What’s that all about?

Yes, I use a cloud delivery system.
That system does have an annual fee. However, I can end that component anytime, and still use the inspection software without perpetual monthly fees.

Additionally, after more than 15 years with my current software, all the updates and fees I have paid pale in comparison to the staggering $14,000 Spectora would cost for the exact same timeframe, based on the current rates published on their site.

They may make fantastic software, I don’t know. I do know that I hate subscription based software models, with no way to stop paying the vendor.


Fair enough. We all know now that you won’t be using Spectora. Cool.

Well that’s a bit antagonistic, isn’t it?

I only commented about the pricing model, never said “boo” about the actual product. There are days when I would love to get rid of the system I use now.

I imagine the owners of the software appreciate the feedback, at least a bit more than you do anyway.

Try to keep an open mind…:slight_smile:

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Kind of interesting how defensive a ‘user’ gets over a differing opinion. Sounds like someone is too heavily invested with no easy way out, or… could it be the momma bear defense of the ‘referral’ fee that nobody wants to admit to or talk about?

I have quite an open mind, especially when responding to someone who is passive aggressive in his comments. You now have spent several posts claiming about some underlying motive to positive reviews and how the subscription model will never work for you. Not exactly productive there Dom.

But you keep on with your insinuation and cloaked negativity while trying to make it like I’m doing the same. You will never see me in other software forums posting why I hate something about it or its business practices.

Let me tell you a little story Jeff, about me and who I am. I watch and read your comments all time on several forums and feel obligated for you to know who I am.

I went in the Navy at 19 as an E1 nobody. I worked my butt off over the years to achieve ranks, always improving my knowledge of my craft which was Intelligence. Been all over the world, supported and fought in several wars. I was enlisted for 12 years and made Ensign in the Navy through the LDO program which is a rare method of the Navy pulling enlisted into the Officer Corps yet without a degree. I did get my degree, but that’s another story. I spent over 9 years of my entire career at sea floating around a tin can serving the watch to help keep our country free.

Through the years I have enjoyed learning the trades in my off-time to include helping my father build his cabin. I also spent time working with bros off time which has help me learn homes, rehabbing and to build. I was always a good handyman that seemed like I could fix a lot of issues.

Upon leaving the Navy after 22 years, I quickly got into the Handyman business and became an HVAC apprentice, knowing I enjoyed the trades. After a few years, I decided to become a certified home inspector. Upon starting my business, I looked around at all the software options, but noticed a young company starting out. It looked promising, so I gave it a go. I have been using Spectora ever sense. I have never met the Wagstaff brothers and have only talked to them a few times on the phone. I have spent countless hours helping new Spectora users learn the software at my own leisure. I pay my annual fee just like everyone else. Spectora does have an affiliate link that gives you $50 for each referral, yet curiously I have never used it, ever. I have only used the basic Spectora.com when asked about good software.

I’m downright offended and feel your comments and insinuations are straight up disrespectful; accusation which are 1. not true and 2. not helpful.

Oh and what if I get a referral fee, who really cares? What is gained by pointing it out? Spectora is growing, HIP is growing, HG is growing, Spectacular is growing, HHZ is growing, and many others. There’s healthy competition in the market, good.

Why the need to come on here and try to blow down someone who believes and wants to promote a product he believes in? What’s gained Jeff?

I have worked my butt off learning this craft, building my business and brand, working with some fantastic inspectors that are uplifting and helpful. Those that are positive and want to improve our industry. You’ll never see them coming on a forum and trying to find the boogyman, because an ol’ sailor is promoting software he likes to use. I’ll leave it at that, because there is nothing more to say. Just thought you aught to know my story and who I am as a man, father, and business owner.


You’re wound up way too tight, it seems.
There’s no “passive aggressive” here; and no “underlying motive” other to express an opinion about pricing models.

As to it being “productive”, well I imagine if enough inspectors feel the same way, and the owners listen, perhaps they will offer an alternative pricing option. And if not, maybe I’m in the minority and market forces will dictate the outcome. Who can say.

Other than that, and with no hidden agendas and passive whatever, you can carry on.


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I had a good laugh at that.

The cost is worth every penny! I do not mind a monthly service it makes my business better!


Better than what? What were you using before?

Op Nick asks what’s the cost. Why is there no straight answer?

Bob, the pricing is clearly stated at their website: Modern Home Inspection Software | Spectora

Re the ongoing cost subject, I’m keenly aware of all the “little” things that eat into my profits:

-ISN fees
-Credit card processing fees
-Homebinder subscriptions
-BuildFax reports

and the BIG things
-Auto maintenance
-Local Realtor board dues
-Trade association dues

etc. etc.

Each one of these expenses has to pass an ROI test:

Is it absolutely necessary? If not does it:
Save time? How much?
Make me a better inspector? Really?
Serve my clients better?

I salute Spectora for recognizing that the end user is the most important player in this game. I see a lot of products locked into an old-school look and approach that does not appear to be directed toward better service and better communication of what can be a very confusing process for the layperson, and even the real estate professional.


I called your # and it seems you do not offer live support. I’ve got several questions and would prefer to speak on the phone vs. text or screen chat :slight_smile:

I’ve used HG for a very long time. I’m looking for a change or possibly to supplement their software.

I have concerns about it being a cloud based software and protecting my clients personal data. I assume you do not rent, share or redistribute any of the inspectors or our clients data? Private, personal or generic?

I need a report software that is highly customizable. HG is customizable but not certain components, especially for different type inspections.


Hi Jeffery! I don’t mind jumping in and answering that question. Like many businesses in many industries, we like to reward loyalty. If an existing customer refers a new inspector who signs up, we give them a $50 credit towards their next payment to us and a thank you for help us grow our business. Nothing underhanded, just a referral credit!