Apartment Template

I did a search, but wasn’t able to locate anything.

I just did an inspection on 3 apartment buildings. I would appreciate getting a copy of anyone’s template for a Apartment Building. I hate to start from zero and develop one so hopefully someone has 1 they will share and I can modify as needed.

I have done Commercial Inspections, but never an Apartment Building.

Thank you in advance for any assistance or willingness to share.

Hi Charles,

Most of the time guys use their normal residential template though it depends on the size of the complex. What you do is notate the unit numbers in your narrative. For example

Kitchen: Smoke detectors were missing in the kitchen in unit #1,4,19,50.

This makes it really easy to use your own template that you’re comfortable with.

Hi Dom,

Thought I might get 1 or 2 of the guys to provide response, but since I haven’t I started modifying the intro to sections of the report regarding sample %, etc. and will be doing the narratives as you indicated. Thank you for you feedback and support.

I am doing 3 buildings in several days and will be doing as Dom said.
What would you thinkk should change?
The only extra section you need consider is common areas.
Never understand need to copy anyone as templates are easy to create from scratch.

I use same template no matter property and turn off sections not needed.

Bob … Thanks for you feedback … I appreciate your not understanding why someone might ask.

I just finished 3 apartment complex’s and was mainly looking for ideas on how others handled common areas, attic entrances, central located water heaters, etc…

Ya old fart if you had called me I would have helped ya easy peasy to turn hip into commercial or what ever, did it today

Charley, maybe if you didn’t call him names he would have called you;)

What is a name between friends ya should hear what he calls me:shock:

Thanks Charley … didn’t want to bother ya … just ended up spending a little extra time and created one … Did three (3) apartment complexes. 100% electrical / plumbing, 20% apartments random, sewer scope and drone of roofs. Not a bad payday

Great hope it worked out for you.
May I ask how long the report took ?

I had one guy with me and took about 7 hours on site .
Day and a half on the report …we had no time to share templates and learn so went straight photo.

103 pages with lots of issues and investors wanted shots of Bath/Kitch.

Today’s home is going to feel like a studio condo unit.


About 12 hours on site and roughly 5 for report after I set up the template. Since there were 3 apartment complexes / separate addresses, I did 3 reports.

Yeah they are great pay days I just luv them did two small office buildings this week. I turned down the University of Okla (OU) proposal they had 25 buildings they wanted IR on all the electrical panels. That would of been just fine but they wanted all the electrical connections torqued to MFG specs. The buildings were scattered all over the State and I did not want to play GC and coordinate electricians to perform the work they required in addition to the IR so I pass on it.

Thanks for the feedback.
I sacrifice time onsite and spend more at home which is a killer for us A.D.D types .
It is certainly a transition.

My Home today had to adjust thought process as you look at the big picture doing what most call commercial but then the next day need to revert and become more detailed when doing a smaller project such as home or condo.

Hope you understood my comments earlier because templates do not need to be different …only what you emphasize is .The common area template section I use in HIP is always there in my single version but can be turned off or on.
A stairway is a stairway and your text comments explain location .
They are either exterior or interior but the only x factor is if you add a common area section public ].Common area is more about special requirements that might not be in a home such as fire extinguisher tags ,etc.