Spectora Users: One agreement or multiple?

For those using Spectora, when you have add-ons to an inspection, such as mold, radon, sewer, etc., do you have separate agreements for each service?

If so, how are you setting up your placeholders to show the correct fee for each service in each agreement? I have one way but it requires that I have a different agreement for when the ancillary is ordered as a stand-alone, vs. when it is ordered as an add-on.

I do have separate agreements, and it is set up with the fee. You probably know this, but under the settings, and then fees/services, you can add each service individually to your settings, and then add an agreement to each one with the price. That way when you schedule, you just click on the services, and it does it all automatically.

Perfect, it sounds like you do it just like me. So if you have an inspection and they order a radon test as well, do you use the same radon agreement as you would if someone ordered the radon test by itself (standalone)?

If so, what do you use in the radon agreement as your fee placeholder (the code that brings in the actual fee from your inspection setup)?

Yes, I use the same agreement either way. But not sure I know what you mean about the placeholder… The fee is already placed from the settings. And then if I want to change the fee, I just do it when I am scheduling.
This example does not have an agreement included, though.

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And then when scheduling, I can adjust the price however I need to

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In your radon agreement, do you list the agreed upon fee? If so, you probably use a “placeholder” or else you would have to manually enter the amount for every radon test. Spectora gives us a variety of placeholders to use in the “edit agreement” screen.

Oh, I see what you mean. I may not be much help. The difference with mine is that I dont include a price on my additional agreements. The only add-on agreement I really have is for termite, and that is only because I schedule it as a courtesy for the client, and it is to remove my liability for a 3rd party.

My agreements for wind mit and 4 point have a placeholder, but I do not include those agreements unless it is a stand alone, because they are already addressed under my main agreement.

I did just notice that the agreement template has a placeholder for ‘fees’, and for ‘price’, Not sure if it would calculate correctly if you had a couple different agreements available, and you could manually swap out that one instead of the other one when you are scheduling?

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Yep, you’re on to my issue here. Somewhere along the line, they changed the info that “fees” pulls in. It now pulls in all of the fees for everything included in the inspection, but not only that, lists the service names along with the fees. So my radon agreement, when used as an add-on, listed all the fees and info for the inspection, detached building, mold, etc. Really made my radon agreement confusing when it was an add-on.

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Well, I guess its time for a chat with them… I do love how easy they are to get support from!

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It should just be the add-on placeholder - I talked with the bubble when setting mine up and asked if they could make it so when you hover over the orange buttons when making the agreements the full text of those buttons show up because they’re all cut off with “…” - also had to write each number of the orange box down and create a template and test it total pain - but I just did a residential w wdo, 2 agreements - the main residential listed both fees and the add on wdo agreement just listed the wdo fee. I’m not gonna try and fix that nobody questioned it because the invoice matches. So I use the “fee” placeholder for main agreements and the “add-on” buttons for ancillary services.

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Just be aware that if you use the “add-on” placeholder, you will likely need an additional agreement for use when doing the ancillary as a stand-alone service. Otherwise it will pull in $0.00 into the agreement. That’s the issue I am trying to avoid, although it is not a huge deal.

After discussing this with a few other users, I am now considering going a different direction. Some have added all ancillaries directly into their main inspection agreement. You just preface by saying “if applicable…”. The ancillaries in the main agreement can be a pretty short paragraph since you don’t need all the redundant info that is in every agreement.

I’m liking this way of thinking more and more as it also means the client only has one agreement to view and sign.

Ya I have agreements for stand-alone services like wdo only or ADU only and adu w wdo. So many different agreements but the client will only see one or two at this point in my career since I don’t do radon,sewer,water quality etc. But as I add more that may be the best route to consolidate. It took many hours to set them all up!

I know a few who don’t put their pricing in agreements and never had a problem - just invoice them. I don’t know if I like that idea - definitely more simple though. They’ve never been burned, yet.

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