Spectora... Want to know more?

I have been using Spectora for about a year now! I was so impressed with it from the very beginning.

It is more than a reporting software! To me, it makes my day to day business easier.

It’s simple and that’s what I like the most, hopefully this never changes.

Here is a few of things I like the most…

Easy booking of inspections, “this is an understatement”
Updates my google calendar with all the details I need
Inspection day I click on the address on my calendar and I’m on my way
Keeps a record of my clients, realtors and how I got the inspection
Mobile is the best I have used and I have used IN and HG
Customer service is incredible, facebook, phone, email and on the Spectora site

People push this as the best just because of the mobile version. But I use it currently more without mobile but I am trying to get to the point that I do mobile on site and then finish in the office.

I am NOT BEING paid or offered anything… but I wouldn’t mind getting a discount :slight_smile:

If anyone has questions let me know I am more than willing. I will not respond to anyone that is full out rude or negative.

I have posts on the forums from way back about Spectora… check them out.

You obviously never tried HIP. You loose.

I have. What do I win?

So what did you not like about Spectora when you tried it out for comparison?

Actually, I did years ago, the little green man with a blue hat.