Watch: Inspector Marketing Presentation with Spectora

Watch this video on how to optimize your home inspection business’s social media presence.

Spectora Co-Founders Mike & Kevin Wagstaff cover web development, SEO, and other marketing techniques to help put you ahead of the pack.

This is a recorded version of Spectora’s live-presentation offered at many InterNACHI® live events, visit for more information.


Software Only


/ month
Additional inspectors: $69/mo

All-in-one software.


/ yr
Additional inspectors: $588/yr

Save $189/year with annual billing

Interesting I see a lot of inspectors listed as using it .
I did not recognise any names from the Nachi forum who are using this soft ware .

Roy, I was at a recent meeting where these two gentlemen presented their SEO suggestions and marketing suggestions. They are super knowledgeable about the inspection business and I found their suggestions to be helpful to my business. You’re right that their product is expensive. It seems to be a full-service subscription that includes report writing, SEO, other marketing and follow-up services. It could be a good service for someone new in the inspection business, it might help a new person to get a faster start in business. However a new inspector would need a lot of money to buy this service, and of course there is no guarantee of success. Even though I’m not needing something like this service, I wish them success in their business. And as I said, their recent marketing presentation was excellent and quite helpful!

I was going to make a comment, But decided otherwise…
How do you know lip service it is worth it’s value…huh?

I use Spectora’s report writer and their seamless integration with ISN and am very happy with it!!

Evidently you’re not fully happy with it if you’re still using ISN instead of Spectora for office management.

Hey Aaron, nice to see you on a Spectora thread!

A majority of our inspectors use our office management features and are pretty happy with them. We like to give our users options though if they feel we don’t have everything they need. Either way, they’re pretty happy, saving time and making more money.

PS. We have always appreciated your kindness when we entered the industry and have respect for your product.

Thanks Kevin…

Like what though? Why would an inspector continue to use and pay for ISN if Spectora provides the same services?

This was an outstanding presentation. Thanks to Kevin and Mike!

You need to go back and reread my post, but slower, I stated “Report Writer” not their business management system. Ive been using ISN since 2008 and no one else compares. That’s why I still use ISN.

That said, I will say Specorta’s business management system is way better than yours. Oh wait, that’s right, you don’t have one.

I did give Spectacular a try but threw it in the trash because you had a worthless search function… Hope you got that worked out.

Mike you must pay A LOT for software & office to pay for both of these… Thanks for mentioning Spectacular though. Yes we have comment search and full ISN integration for our office.

Kevin, I must say I don’t feel the respect that you said you have for us especially when you go out and buy Google keyword ads for Spectacular and link them to your site. In fact, it’s a little dirty, shady and extremely disrespectful. Not sure who advised you to do that, but it’s not cool.

I’ve been using Spectora for both report writing and back office. My clients and brokers love the report! Thanks for the informative video.

1 inspection more than pays for both for the month. I pay more for gas in my vehicle.

I am now booking unsolicited office presentations to show off my Spectora reports at the request of brokers and agents who have been loving my reports. Also picking up new referring agents who I have not worked with (as a buyers agent) before.

When the ROI is that good, I will not hesitate to spend the money monthly…

Subscribed for later.

Everyone has their preference for software. Spectora does a great job and if you are a newer inspector or just looking for more you should try it. It’s one of the few if only inspection software companies that are working towards a fully integrated inspector system for scheduling, inspecting, credit card processing, and integration with your personal calendar to keep your head on straight. It also has a great Facebook community for sharing and helping each other grow and get better at their business and we provide input to the company on what will make the software better…and they listen and respond with improvements.
Just my opinion.

As a new inspector I spent many hours researching the various providers and doing a deep dive in my evaluations. I settled on Spectora because it hit more of the check marks than any others out there. The user experience and interface is very clean and extremely intuitive for even the technology challenged which was a huge plus. Being new it was important for me to find ways to differentiate myself from other more experienced inspectors in my area, and Spectora’s end product that I am able to provide to my clients by the way of the HTML format is much more useful than a tired old PDF report with added benefit of including videos in addition to the pictures. The added functionality of making it much easier for the RA to use the report tools to shorten their time in completing request back to the seller agent has provided great feed back thus far from the RA’s that have had the opportunity to utilize it. As an added benefit the back end scheduling, credit card processing and other features have allowed me to streamline my business process without the need to incorporate the need for other services like ISN which will prove to be a cost savings compared to lesser priced reporting software programs that do not have these same features. I would also mention that they have the best support from any other services that I evaluated.

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