Spectoscope or comparible?

Good evening,
Was wondering if any of you have use a spectoscope or something comparable?
Looking to invest in something like this. Any recommendations?

Buy a Lumix camera with Wifi capability and get a good tall painters pole that can reach roof of a 2 story house. Pole is much lighter and can pivot the pole by resting it on your belt buckle area and have it leaning against the gutter or roofs edge. Other hand you control everything with your IPhone. Just have to but a pole- camera adapter or rig something to hold the camera to the top if the pole
I use mine a lot. Camera was about $175. Pole $30. Adaptor $60?? Very cheap investment with superb results.

Kacey DSLR Painters pole adaptor at Lightingrumours.com. Believe its $35.

$55 pole http://www.harryfalk.com/poles-parts-accessories.html

$25 camera mount http://www.rammount.com/part/RAP-B-218-1-366U
or you can make one cheap from the hardware store. Rammounts has phone holders also, for on the pole just like the one on the spectoscope.

I use the fiberglass spectoscope. A little heavy and unyielding when fully extended, but I have gotten it down to a science. I just bought a new Go Pro Hero 3 Silver camera to use on the scope and my drone. But I am a long way away from those trials as we have snow here for the better part of 5 months. I haven’t seen a roof cover for a about 3 months. I guess the newer version is lighter but I would be concerned about hitting wires. I haven’t done that, but it has been close at times.

It would be nice to find a way to put the spectoscope on wheels for those hard to reach crawlspaces.

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Has anyone tried one of these out…

Or this…

Michael, if not you, who?
If not now, when?

Thanks for all the info, I think I’ll fabricate my own one - Kenneth - thanks for the links.


Which camera are you using for your setup?

I bought a 24’ “Mr. LongArm” fiberglas and aluminum extension pole from 84 lumber for $55 (no shipping cost). It has 3 sections of 8 ft. It is not strong enough to mount my DSLR but works fine for smaller cameras like a Canon g7x or Canon sx620 HS. I have a half dozen cameras that range from 4 oz to 30 oz. Id say keep it under 6oz for full extension use.

I got a camera adaptor from Amazon for $20 Amazon.com : ProPole - Painter’s Pole Adapter - Camera Monopod : Tripod Camera Mounts : Camera & Photo

I also got a swivel adaptor to make it easier to get downward looking shots instead of just straight forward shots. you can set it for any direction of tilt.
Amazon.com: SIOTI Tripod Mini Ball Head Tripod Mount Head-Metal Ballhead 360deg Pan 90deg Tilt Tripod Mount with 1/4" Screw for Digital Camera / Compact DSLR / Cell Phone / Monopod / Gopro / Light Stand / Light House: Electronics

It won’t get you as high as a drone, but it will get over a 2nd story gutter.
Here are a few sample shots using this set-up:

Just a reminder to anyone using a pole/camera setup, check your surroundings and watch for overhead wires.

A local man died recently using a metal pole & camera to inspect a roof in Ormond Beach.
He was an inspector out of Mt. Dora, FL.

Man electrocuted while working on roof in Ormond Beach

Good reminder Dominic Thanks … Roy