Using the Spectoscope

For anyone using the Spectoscope, I’m wondering just how the process works? Does the wireless camera send images of the roof to your cell phone so you’ll know what pictures to take but the images remain in your camera, or just how does the process work?

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How long is the Spectoscope fully extended? Inspectoroutlet doesn’t list the length

25 feet see here for info …

Apparently the details are only on “full view” and not the mobile site.

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I made my own with a Wagner long arm and a wifi camera, the fish fighting gimbal belt has proven to be a winner.

Made my own with a painters pole & a 4" video screen attached so I can see what the cam sees :mrgreen:


I made my own.

It’s described in this blog post.

I made my own too. I found the instructions on how to build one on this forum. The information is there if one is willing to look for it.

Nice blog.

much info here …

I also made my own. I used a 24ft 3 section pole ($50.00 at home depot) and I added an 8ft section of fiberglass tubing (from a windsurf mast). I rarely need 32ft. I put a mount on it to hold my phone which can connect to the camera with wifi. But it is always so sunny, that the glare made it a major hassle. Now I take high def footage of the entire roof and then review the video and pull stills once I am back at my office. I use a gopro. They are small and light and easy to mount.

Thanks, Ian; I really appreciate your kind comment, and the help that you give the board.

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