Spectoscope Version 2.0

Has anyone used this product and what are your personal thoughts? I could see using this a lot as my area has a number of challenges when accessing roofs by ladder.

Before I drop $750 on a tool, I would like some real-world feedback on it.

I couldn’t do a commercial inspection without one. http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/spectoscope.aspx

Furthermore, I’m afraid of heights.

Hi Stephen,

I was one of the early adopters and have never regretted it, far from it.

Used to carry a 28’ ladder and that wouldn’t get me up on a lot of flat roofs here.
Usually I can set the pole up on a porch or landing to get some extra height and I’m good.

I’ve done some 3 stories where I lean the pole out of the top of a double hung window.

Plus I have plenty of ladder injury stories that I never want to be part of.

I do carry a 12.5’ extend and climb for attics and one story roofs.

I recommend it!

Come on Nick…:wink: When is the last time “You” did an inspection? :smiley: For yourself does not count.

Spectoscope was fine (albeit just an extendable pole). But the camera that came with it worked for my practice run and then never worked again. Buy the pole, get your own camera though

Last Saturday. I only do commercial inspections. I haven’t done a residential inspection in years.

I have been happy with mine. Better camera as time goes on but worth the expense. Saved me many times

What makes it worth ~$500 more than other telescoping camera poles?

It’s not just a telescopic pole. If you are going to be in Vegas next month, come by the booth and see one.

Unfortunately I won’t be in Vegas. I don’t mind paying for anything, as long as I can justify the cost. I just need to be sure it will be worth the $750.

I have the fiberglass version and love it. It is a bit heavy, but like anything, you get used to it. I would be super careful with the new version being that it is metal. I was moving min around power lines the other day and had a fleeting thought about electrocution. Was glad I had the fiberglass model in that moment. I have a drone as well and use the pole much more often. Any day I don’t have to get the ladder out is a good day.

Thats interesting they changed to metal, seems like an odd move.
I’m really happy I have the fiberglass version as I use it around power lines fairly frequently.

Is the fiberglass model the same height and is it possible to still purchase one somewhere?

Ian, one of the nice things about the spectoscope is the attachment for holding the phone. How do you handle that?
It’s definitely not a device that you can handle with one hand

I have always thought the price point was a bit high but it
does come off as professional looking and not cobbled together.

You can get the phone mount here http://www.rammount.com/
With some research you can build your own with a better camera and even save some money.

Good link Frank!

I got a bicycle mount for my samsung phone and I pod on ebay. I didn’t take much to modify them so I could attach them to my 24ft painters pole. They were under $10 each. Just search ebay for the name of your devise and “bicycle mount” and you should find tons of options. I use a Canon wifi action camera…and I can control the camera with my phone or ipod.

When you use a Canon camera that you can control from your phone, can you take pictures with your phone through your inspection software?? or do you have to upload them to the software afterwards?

TJ, I like completing the reports on my desktop computer. Pictures from my primary camera, action cam, and TI camera all get downloaded to my computer then I upload them into HIP. I am not sure what all the capacity of the camera’s wifi abilities really is.

Usually I just put the camera on a setting where it takes a still picture every 5 seconds, and I slowly document the entire roof, then I can review the pictures back at the office. But there are times when being able to view things in real time can be helpful.

The phone “controls” the camera. The pictures will be on the camera, not the phone. Think of it as remote control for the camera.