I safely go up 30 feet with the Spectoscope. Hot PICS...

The old is new again .

http://www.nachi.org/spectoscope.htm](http://www.nachi.org/spectoscope.htm)[FONT=Times New Roman]NACHI’s Spectoscope[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]The safe way to inspect a roof or chimney.[/FONT]

No more ladders, no more risk, no more wasted time, no more high insurance premiums, no more “I can’t go up that high,” and no more complaints. With InterNACHI’s new SpectoScope, inspecting any hard-to-reach area becomes as simple as “point and shoot.” This high-tech ‘roof inspection’ tool (though it is so much more) allows you to watch live video from the ground, and take snapshots that can then be added to your reports and used to discover possible problems. This will impress your customers, and save you time (and hospital bills).

Technical Information:

  • [FONT=Times New Roman]Can be used with either a laptop or a Compaq iPAQ 3600, 3700, or 3800 handheld PC. [/FONT]
  • [FONT=Times New Roman]When used with a handheld PC, works with any standard video device (camcorders, et cetera). [/FONT]
  • [FONT=Times New Roman]When used with a laptop, connects easily to nearly any webcam. [/FONT]

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From InterNACHI’s Spectoscope - InterNACHI](http://www.nachi.org/spectoscope.htm#ixzz2GbzRYVG4) http://www.nachi.org/spectoscope.htm#ixzz2GbzRYVG4

I’ll wait for some reviews to come out but it appears the technology is here to make this camera on a pole idea actually viable. I’ve got a lot of high flat roofs here in Baltimore that are difficult to get at safely. This might help…

Made my own i use a a video cam i can zoom n and out, Camera 260.00 pole 70.00 works well , had it for long time .

Roy, our Spectoscopes are now wireless and work with iPhones and iPads.

The other was great and looks like this one is better .

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Sorry it can not out do my red cape:p:D

The weight is one thing I’d like to know about. Nick?

how much for the pole? with out the camera

Nate was the unit unwieldy at full extension - vertical?

Just got mine and am excited to crank it up. I can’t seem to get the camera and the phone…a Samsung Galaxy, to talk so I can see the roof on my phone. I guarantee that it is user error, but I am looking for someone to walk me through this. Anyone, Bueller… Bueller!

I just discovered this tool! Holy crap it beats the heck out of the Spectrascope! I forget the name of it, but I bought it online and it is amazing and my customers LOVE it. They say it is the neatest thing they have ever seen! We use it every single day. No batteries, No charging, No bluetooth, to Ipad,…


I think it is officially endorsed by some guy in a Red Hat out west…:wink:

That is correct go west young man go west, that sucker has my name all over it.

BTW that was some hell uv a nice pics of the drip line with that pole camera must uv been looking for clean gutters:p

Before I retired from doing home inspections I was looking at these very seriously. The Quad copter was around $300. I already have a smart phone. There are other videos of it being flown with a tablet. Built in cameras that will do video or standard photos.