Splice by service mast


At the splice by the service mast, I normally report when the splice is exposed. I couldn’t find another resource on how to evaluate the connection as a home inspector. I know there’s a lot more an electrician would do. Is there any resource you recommend for learning more about the connection?

Thank you in advance,

Stephen Rager


It belongs to the supplier ,you can report it to them ,they might get around to adding some protection and again they might not .

The splices on the ungrounded conductors look fine except for the crack on the one on the left. Those are insulated barrel type crimps. Looks like they put a few wraps of tape to keep water out. This is for the utility company to fix.

Don’t much comment on utility service, but hope you commented on exhaust flue in front of operable window?

Thanks good catch … Roy

Also hard to tell from angle of the photo but how close is that service to the window?

How about this splice - The service wire coming from the meter to the main disconnect appears to be spliced before reaching the main to feed a panel below as - note that the wire sizes differ…


The conductor could have been replaced easier than splicing.