Splicing electrical service lines

I ran into this beauty a little while ago and wanted to read more about the proper way to splice wires of this size.

I’m a new inspector and can’t claim to know much about splicing large wires. When I ran into this pretty box I bouncy housed it to an electrician immediately.

Wait… What I meant to say is that “I recommend further evaluation by a reputable, licensed electrical contractor.”

Anyway. What I do know is what shoddy work looks like and 9 times out of 10 if you see a lot of electrical tape an electrician didn’t put it there. So I have a few questions.

  1. How bad is this? On a scale of 10 with 1 being “calm down” and 10 being evac immediately.

  2. Anyone have links to articles on what this repair should look like when done properly?

Thanks guys! Be safe out there,


I suspect a split bolt, but it is not possible to tell from the picture. Split bolts take a lot of tape to cover.

The incoming service cable should have had a connector installed.

I see copper to aluminum in a double tapped lug, also the bond screw is backed out. This panel wasn’t upgraded by a professional.