Split bus panel now being used as a sub panel

This split bus GE panel was once the original panel for the home. A new panel has been added in another room and this split bus is being fed by a 60 amp circuit and is listed as the sub panel. Even though this is a sub panel it still has its main breakers so would the neutral and ground bonding be correct in its current setup. Thanks for any help with this

Does this panel contain the FIRST disconnect after the Meter? Is yes, then based upon the information you provided, it is the MAIN disconnect and is NOT a sub-panel, and should still have the Grnds/Neutrals bonded… and all panels after this are considered Sub-panels and should have isolated Grnds/Neutrals.


Thanks Jeffrey, This does not contain the first disconnect after the meter so it has a bonding issue than. Thanks for the feedback and help


Correct!! :+1:


Hi… the absolute of the amperes appraisals of the best six breaker sets ought not surpass the board rating or the assistance rating given you by the force organization.

This will restrict the breaker rating for the proposed subpanel on the off chance that you need to take care of the subpanel with one of the best six breaker sets.

On the off chance that you power the subpanel with two of the lower openings, at that point estimating of the subpanel’s taking care of breaker isn’t as basic.

In the event that you are espanding the living space or adding another enormous apparatus then you will need to do a heap examination of the entire house to check whether the current board will be over-burden.

What the hell does that mean?
(Reminds me of a “Robert Y.” cut-&-paste!!).

As Jeffery stated that is correct. There should be a separate EGC bus for the EGC’s.