Split bus panel?

Can any one determine if this is a split bus panel? I found no main disconnect nor was there another panel. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Yes it is split bus.

It meets the 6 throw rule as pictured.


Thank you, i was thinking the same.

It does not meet the 6 throw rule, upon closer inspection 2 single pole breakers are present in the first 12 spaces at the bottom right making 7 throws. Further, the breaker conductors seem to travel to the bottom most likely feeding the (or second) split section, thus the breaker would need to be double pole rather than 2 singles. See pic below:

Perhaps all is needed is handle tie for 6&7

Inspecting from pics is never a substitute for seeing up close and personal.

I agree, but it is unlikely the main section would not be contained to the first 12 1 inch breaker slots. Fortunately replacing the breakers (6&7) with a 2 pole version would be easy and put the 6 throw rule back in compliance.

Is this really a split bus panel? I can’t tell from these photos. It looks more like those conductors from breakers 10,12 exit out the back of the panel at the bottom.

The pic is hard to tell for sure.

We all need more info.

This video may be of help: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dn1t5BBPIU

From the looks of it this is a dual split buss panel, which would have two submains. Not as common as a single submain section but those beasties do exist.

Thank you, Martin. That would be the first one that I know I’ve seen…:slight_smile:

The pics aren’t the best but this may help: