Sprayer/Diverter Queston

Are any of you familiar with this specific type/style of kitchen faucet? I have no idea of the brand, otherwise I would ask those helpful people over at Google for the specs. There were three of them at various locations in the house - none of them shut off water to the faucet when the sprayer was activated. I do not think I’ve come across one yet that is designed to operate this way; however, where all three were like this, I am questioning the design. They are roughly six years old if that helps date them. I’d hate to write it up as defective and have the plumber say ‘these *&%$!&% home inspectors have no idea what they are talking about’. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks! P4080258|666x500

I wouldn’t write it up. I don’t see what you have described as a defect. Three faucets operate the same way, doesn’t that tell you that’s their normal operation?

Most faucets have a diverter installed for the sprayer handle to turn off water to faucet when the sprayer is in use. Typically when the water to the faucet does not shut off, this is indicative of the diverter being failed/stuck. If I misinterpreted your statement about “I don’t see what you have described as a defect”, my apologies. I wasn’t sure if you meant you were not aware of this function, or that you just don’t see it as a defect if it doesn’t work properly. I was just looking for someone familiar with this specific faucet to educate me on whether or not this is correct for this type of faucet.

Narrate the above, or something similar as an FYI, if you need to add it to your report.

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This is not by design… only if the customer requested a bypass. Perhaps they were never installed correctly since day 1 and the homeowner either never used the sprayer and or never had it addressed.

Having operated 10’s of thousands of faucets, I’d say it certainly defies expectation.

The side sprayer typically overrides regular faucet function.
The diverter valve is likely stuck or faulty, but if the sprayer operates, a notation about what you observed is good enough for me.

That’s by Newport Brass - The water should shut off at the faucet when the sprayed is used, but it doesn’t always. There is no sensor or shutoff valve installed other than the spray head button. If pressure at the faucet is high it will come out of both - not really a defect. If the spray turns on and off its still good.

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Is this documented or something you made up :smiley: The diverter does not care about high pressure, it’s the other way around. If the pressure is not high enough, it will not operate the sprayer and or leak from the spout.