Sprinkler heads in Suspended Ceilings

The old days of hard piping sprinkler heads in suspended ceilings was always a hard task, especially when the heads were specified to be centered.
It involved pipefitters to work tediously to get them in the center with hard pipe.

No more.

Now with the flexible piping, and self-centering jig that snaps in the grid system, it is a snap.

Where will this innovation end?

This is very time saving innovation.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Marcel

I have not seen this type of installation yet, but it should be a great improvement.

Sounds great I also have not observed this. It is possible that we will have plumbers in the future that will not know how to cut and thread pipe. They already do not know how to lead in a cast iron pipe but I guess we call this progress

Whats oakum? :smiley:

Oakum is similar to rope, which is tapped around the cast iron joint and then the hot lead is poured to seal joint. Hope this helps.
Len Ungar

Also known as Bell and Spicgot.

Remember that too, Len, ha. ha. :wink:


Oakum - loosely twisted hemp or jute fiber impregnated with tar or a tar derivative and used in caulking seams and packing joints

This article brings back old memories on the topic of Oakum.


Marcel :slight_smile:

I would venture to say that a lot of plumbers, new one’s that is, are only using new plastic systems. Darn! I went and spilled the beans that iv’e been around for awhile.:roll:

Wasn’t that MFG by Wrigleys and come in Spearmint and Juicy Fruit flavors.