Pipe Insulation

Does anybody know what this pipe wrap is made of? Sticky like tar. House was built in late 50’s. Does not look like common asbestos insulation to me. Just checking to see what you guys think

I see nothing to make me think it is asbestos…

I feel the same I just like too double check thanks for your reply

If it were made of asbestos it wouldn’t matter, nothing is going to “escape” that sticky mess!

That is an older pipe insulation primarily used in Refrigeration pipe applications (can’t remember the name of it off the top of my head, maybe that “Old Fart” Charley will know).


Really looks like plumbing Oakum that has been impregnated with tar goop These kids have not seen much:p

There is also a bad connector joint on the fixture wire that needs to be repaired by a Qualified person

…not to mention the lamp cord usage. :shock:

Asbestos rope.