Square D HOM Breaker & Max Wire Size

I inspected a Square D HOM 30 amp breaker with a stranded CU #8 wire for the A/C. The wire strands are split to fit under the special washer and around the screw of all three terminations (see photo)
Unfortunately, I can not find my Square D HOM installation guide and could not run the A/C to capture a thermal image. (dam)
I am concerned that it’s incorrect. I know what to right if I can not find any printed info, so does anyone have an installation guide?



I have a 20a homeline breaker in front of me, and it’s rated up to 8# as a single conductor. I GUESS this is OK, but I’m concerned with those splitting of stands.



is it write???


I guess the only question is if splitting the strands is better than trying to clamp them on one side. With no further guidance from the instructions I am OK with what you see.

No, it’s not right, because the breaker clearly has a picture molded in it as to how the conductor is to be terminated. Splitting the strands is not permitted. Let me run out to the truck and take a picture of the instructions on an HOM230.

Here we go. This is a picture of a HOM230. You can see that in two places, molded on the breaker, it shows that the conductor is not split. The left hand side shows how the stripped conductor is to be prepared, and the top right picture shows that one #8 is to go under one side of the square captured washer.

Excellent, I love learning stuff, hope I can remember some of it.

Thanks Marc.
I knew it was wrong, but I did not have that view of the breaker.

Yes, I know, which is why I took a picture of one. :wink:

You guys ever go to Lowes or Home Depot just to look at stuff? Bring the wife along. She’ll love that. :mrgreen:

Try This Brian.

Marc, that is “better guidance”. I defer to your answer. Stranded always looks ugly in anything but a lug but it is legal.

I know the QO230’s come in either the screw terminal or the box lug, depending on how you buy them or order them. I don’t know if HOM’s do also or not.

That is what I was curious about too. I have some QO 30s in both styles.
I still don’t think I would tag a breaker with the screw/plate design and the #8 split like that. The real issue is still whether you have a secure connection and if the terminal is rated for that wire size.

Greg, a sq. d rep. emailed me a diagram about 1.5 yrs. ago.
He specifically stated that the wires must be the same size so the washer sits flat/square, and places equal pressure/surface contact on the wires.
So your point about the secure connection is mine too especially if we consider the following:
How much twisting pressure did the electrician use to create the diameter of the wire, which is probably not equal on both sides, hence, a problem.

Marc S.

I did notice on the breaker that 40°C marking is that correct for the HOM breakers ?? i am used to see 60°C or 60/75°C marking on it

if so i have to watch that one.

Merci, Marc

See #28:](http://www.ul.com/regulators/MoldedCaseCircuitBreakersMG.pdf)

That is the ambient temp rating, not the terminal rating. The terminal rating is at the upper right in my picture.

I wrote a proposal question whether a panel full of AFCIs in unairconditioned space that might exceed 104f/40c and they just blew it off with a no answer answer.
I was hoping they would refer to something that tells you the consquence of being in an ambient above 40c. That can happen in a Florida garage and wouldn’t be unusual at all in Arizona.

Thanks Marc and Joe T. for highlighting this

sorry about confuseing with the rating i just want to double check it that all

Many thanks

Merci, Marc