Square, Inc. Credit card processing

I just signed up for this alternative credit card processing app. Works on iPhone and Droids. https://squareup.com/get-started

They will send a little device to plug into your phone to swipe cards. No monthly or setup fees. They charge 2.75% per swiped transaction plus .15. So a little cheaper than PayPal. 3.5% if you manually enter the card number.

I’ll likely not use it very often, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Couldn’t find any monthly or maintenance fees…they have to be somewhere??? Couldn’t find a fees page at all. I found reference to one, just no page.

No fees. They get paid per transaction that is why the interest rate is higher. If you do not process very many credit cards then this may be the way to go. I got my card scanner a couple weeks back but have not had time to play with it yet.

I’m still waiting on my scanner from Square. Seems to take them a while to get around to sending it out. A couple of the guys here have the card scanner, and it does work. I like the fact that it uses the audio jack.

I got my scanner a few weeks ago. Works well. The customer signs on your phone screen after swiping. Pretty cool.

I installed this application on my android phone last week. Very slick. We’ll see how the card reader works in a few weeks. Seems like a good application, competitive rate, and great way to help clients pay for their home inspection. I’ll be sure to update.

Yes very handy to have. I downloaded the app after reading about it in the New York Times. It did take several weeks to get the card reader but you cannot beat the price.

Oh BTW I am new here…Hi!

I signed up and got set up within a few minutes. Works fine. Got the card reader in about 5 days.

Easy peesy…

Deposits have shown up in a day or two…

“It just works”

Ok, works just fine. Posted deposit within a few days. I noticed one caveat. The first grand is deposited to your account right away every month, anything over that may take 30 days to hit your account. That’s how they make there money, sit on yours and put it to use for around 30 days. Good back-up to pay-pal in my opinion.

I have difficulting scanning the cards. Their scanner takes me numerous strikes until the card is read.

No problems with mine. Ordered one for my wife’s business as well. Arrived in 3 days.

I can’t seem to get past the /activate screen…it keeps telling me the time limit has expired, and it’s said that for a month, so I’m currently awaiting an answer from their tech support… I got the deposits to set up the bank accounts done, but that’s where it ended… we’ll see…

I got my square pretty quick. In fact I ordered another one as a back up and it came with in a week. It tried it first on my own card for a $1 and it worked well. It gave me .97 since it takes 2.75%. You can take a picture and ad it to the transaction and the person uses their finger to sign on screen. The receipt sent has the date and time, signature, and a google map that shows where the transaction took place. On your end you get almost the same thing. You can also print out a spreadsheet off all transactions.

Here are the fine print.

Square allows you to accept unlimited payments. There are no limits on transaction size or number of transactions. We immediately deposit your first $1,000 of sales per week to your bank account. The remaining amount above $1,000 will be deposited into your bank account within 30 days of the transaction. To get a higher weekly deposit amount contact support.

Square card payment rates

Card-present (swiped): 2.75%
Card-not-present (keyed-in): 3.5% + 15¢

I have used my “Squared” device for 3 seminars now and it works flawlesly. I love it and it takes VISA,MC,DISC debit cards without a merchant account…I love it.

I have started using the device by Intuit. It’s called “gopayment”. Check it out. I actually liked the fit over my iphone better than the square device. I’ve used it about a dozen times now and so far so good.