looking for Credit Card advise

Has anyone used Square Reader or Capital One Spark credit card reader? They boast of no hidden fees except for the transaction fee…

I currently have one of the “free” machines offered on our one of our earlier newsletters…I don’t use it very much…last month I charged $750 and was charged $50! Seems kinda high, eh?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Square reader is great, no hidden charges get ur money in 25-48 hrs

Seems high Plus who do you think they will side with in a dispute :slight_smile: Just saying.

I use square but sparingly, it’s a useful tool to have if needed. They charge 2.75 per cent if you use the swipe option or 3.5 if you type the details (useful for clients not attending). I prefer checks, no charges and I deposit them immediately using my I phone…

I hear Paypal has one that is lower in fees than Square.

I’ve used Intuit GoPayment for a couple of years now. Never had a problem and it syncs with Quick Books.

Have used PayPal for years. And they are great for sending out invoices to out of town clients

I use paypal and square. Paypal for sending out invoices and square because paypal said they would send me a reader as soon as they made one for my phone…wth? Whatever , never waited for it I have things to do. Where one company lacks in service another will be there picking up the slack.

I use PayPal. Easy and great rates. Go to Staples and pickup the reader for free. (You pay $15 bucks, then enter the code on the package and PayPal credits you the money back instantly). They can send you a reader in the mail, but it does take awhile (4-5 weeks).

Square is 2.75%, Paypal 2.7%. Flint is at 1.9% for Visa/MC only.

Invoiced thru Paypal only. I don’t worry about non-payers, probably because I never had one. Everyone Happy…Happy…Happy

ISN and Authorize.net

I have used Square for over a year now and I’m pleased with the operation. They handle all cards with a per transaction fee of 2.75%. NACHI has a deal with ePNMobile through Signature Card Services with a lower rate on Visa and MC. I don’t recall the rate. I have signed up with them, but it’s a more complicated company to deal with and I have not used them up to this point. Plus, there customer service is on the west coast and so far, I have not been able to log into my account. Square was super simple to set up.

With Square, and maybe ePNMobile, I get a secure web site where the customer can simply purchase an inspection online for the same per transaction fee. This comes in handy with out of state customers and it keeps me out of the loop of taking CC info over the phone.


Square has a flat fee. No set-up fee or monthly charge like the competitors.