Stairs for Side Door (posted by L)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by L (from Bridgeport, PA). [/ASKNACHI]I need new steps leading to the side entrance of my house. Currently we have a set of wooden stairs (3 or 4 steps) going from the side door down to ground level. I’m not sure how they are attached to the side of the house, but on the ground they are actually sitting on two bricks, not actually resting on the ground. They were obviously a temporary solution by the previous owners of our home. I don’t even know what type of craftsman or contractor to look for to build new steps. We use this door as the primary entrance to our home, as it is next to the driveway, so the steps need to be sturdy to stand up to a lot of use. I’m also not sure what material we should look for - concrete? Or some sort of wood composite? Our front stoop is made of brick with slate on the stairs and top surface. Thanks for your recommendations.

Here is a good stairway course you can view.

There is a variety of ways to provide steps on a residential entrace.

The least expensive would be made out of Pressure treated lumber, or Cedar, or could be cast in place concrete like this;

Step 1.


Step 2.

Step 3&4

The other alternative would be precast steps, where you chose what you want and they are delivered and installed complete with rails.

Natural Steps

Functional and decorative, railings are available in aluminum and wrought iron. Aluminum is available in white or black. Wrought iron is available in black only.

Hope this helps.

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