Stairwell Drain Plugged

Here is a free graphic that shows basement flooding due to a plugged exterior stairwell drain.


I know I’m becoming a drag, but the devil is in the details. Perhaps showing the basement door threshold would help illustrate the problem. Nothing happens till the waterevel is over the threshold.

The threshold is in the picture, I could blow up a detail of the threshold if that would help.

A door knob in the image might be helpful, when I first looked at it I was sure if the light grey panel was a cut away door or a wall.

That said I don’t want to sound critical, these graphics are great to have and beyond my limited skills.

Michael, The picture is a section cut down the middle splitting the steps and door in half. Thanks for everyone’s input. Here is the latest revision.

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I see it now but I had to blow it up. I like the magnified cutaway, Thanks

I’ve always wondered where is that exterior drain draining to? Is it to the foundation tile?

Typically to the sump pump.

Could be, I seen it connected to an interior basement drain and sometimes drain out to the yard if on a slope. I just recommend having a plumber clean it out.

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Thank you for your replies, I have long wondered about this.