this supposed need, or problem about exterior drain tiles

is total bs, incompetent, negligent crrrrap.

Short video… so ummm duhhh, your gonna tell my azz that the exterior drain tiles are clogged/broken and were never installed and THAT is WHY this/all other homeowners get water in basements??? hahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhbwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

:01--------:20 duh whats that…
:52 duh…lollll, just gotta be problems w/exterior drain tile, morons. “Let’s install new drain tile, INSIDE!”
Your going to have to lie, cheat, scam waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than that to bs my azz baby!!! This DUMB incompetent crap would never fly in any courtroom w/ REAL g dang expert witness testimony!

Oh, what… some are going to say the yard must be re----graded??? loooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllollllllllllllllllllllllll

You really should be EM----BAR-------AZZ______ed!!!

Here ya go, one more… homeowner…‘Trying to keep the rain from flooding my basement’… hhahahhahaaa, poor azz guy, has garbage cans etc all lined up!!! HAHAHAaaaa, maybe the inside system company morons can incorporate this bs to their list of shtttt

Say again, need help? … CALL ME!!! lool god 586 777 7973

Hard to tell from the video, but it looked like the surrounding topography was fairly flat. Obviously the ground was saturated, so if you dig a basement in a swamp expect to have water issues. Despite your best efforts to seal the foundation wall, hydrostatic pressure could force water under the footing up through cracks and joints in the basement slab. I have seen sump pumps in situations like this run 24/7 only to pump the water outside, which has no where to go but back into the basement.

All due there Mr. Randy but, there are OPENINGS in the wall, loooollll
The topography won’t matter for any homeowners like this (on their leaky basement, like this) if there were no openings around the line, no cracks, no deteriorating rod holes etc… the grade would NOT matter, zero.

Even IF homeowners like this, had a wonderful, beautiful grade all duh way around, the problems (shown in video) are openings in the wall. So even with a sweet azz grade, water would still penetrate the soil, go into the soil, get underground, underneath a raised-slope grade and enter the basement/wall… because there are openings that allow the water to enter.


I don’t dispute there are cracks that need fixed, I was making a general statement where the topography may not be suitable for a basement.

with you on that, hmmm, that would be some builders and building officials but one can’t talk much to them as they are Bullwinkle