standing pilot light gas range


I live in Michigan state and I rent an appartment since 1 year now.
I have in my kitchen a gas range with standing pilot light for the oven and the cooktop.
I asked several time to my landlord to change it for a new one more reliable and safe but it never happens.

Can you please send me an official document which show that it’s illegal to have a standing pilot lights on gas cooking products?
Actually, I have read on different websites:
“The current standard for gas cooking products is a prescriptive requirement which prohibits standing pilot lights.”

“In a 2009 final rule, DOE extended the “no standing pilot light” requirement to include all gas cooking products whether or not they have an electrical cord.”

Thank you,

Range Safety Concerns When a Standing Pilot Light Goes Out

Just so you know, it is illegal to retrofit a pilot light appliance to an ignitor type. The only thing they can do is buy new appliances and as a landlord myself, I would tell you to find somewhere else to rent.

I just rebuilt a 1952 gas wall oven with pilot light in my home and have no intention of ever changing it out. Same with the 4 burner gas stove. Rebuilt the burners and it will stay there forever.

There is no code that requires a person to buy new appliances because they have old ones in the home. Now you said, “reliable”. If that means the pilot light keeps going out, that is another story. There is something wrong and it needs to be fixed. Most states have gotten stricter on their tenant rights laws. I would contact a tenant advocate in your city or county. If it isn’t going out but you just don’t like it, tough.