Standing water in tub

We called out standing water puddling in a newly contructed home by a reputable builder. They tore out the tub and surrounding tile and re-worked it. Buyer called for a re-inspection and states water still puddling in tub that won’t fully drain.

Apparantly the builder did not replace the tub, just reseated it. Now the builder is saying that there is an acceptable tolerance for standing water in a tub (we’re calling BS on that one). They’re going to have the manufacturer speak with the buyer and the builder also checked other tubs in about eight other houses in the same sub-division and they all puddle.

I’ve advised our client verbally that

  1. If there’s standing water in the tub that won’t drain, we’re going to call it out again.
  2. I can’t believe they did all that work and didn’t replace the tub.
  3. If the builder claims there’s an acceptable tolerance, have them show the reference in writing.
  4. Just because all the tubs in the neighborhood have the same problem doesn’t make it right.

All the tubs I have ever seen in ten years of inspecting have drained completely prior to leaving the home. Am I missing something here? I doubt there’s an acceptable tolerance for standing water in tub. Anyone ever heard of that?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

You will eventually find out that the builder is, in fact, full of crap.

After he takes a shower in one of these tubs?

The builder is hoping you have a level of tolerance for standing verbal crap. :slight_smile:

Incorrect is not made right by repetition. Tell him the tolerance for standing water he is thinking of is in the trap.

I would bet that the same plumber did all the homes.

Mosquitoes are required to have standing water to multiply what is wrong with you guys :shock:

Does each bathroom have a free squeegee included ?

Tubs are supposed to be installed perfectly level, their manufactured with a slope, if there is water ponding they really screwed it up.

Sounds too easy Dale.

Place an arrow in the picture of the tub so they know which way it is supposed to drain! :-0

Obviously a manufacture defect especially in a new home but no one will admit to it for $$$$ reasons. I’m also surprized that the builder did not replace it after all that work. Anyway I think the homeowner should contact the manufacture of the tub. They may have their own warranty and if its a reputable company, they may replace it at their expense and the builder won’t have to be involved except to supply the name of the tile used.
New tubs should not have standing water.

The only way a tub would hold water is if it wasn’t installed on a level surface.