Start borrowing all you can, use the money to buy hard assets. Now!

Recently, it has gotten easier and cheaper to borrow. Borrow all you can right now and spend it on hard assets. Buy land, physical gold, businesses, Miami condos, whatever.

You’ll pay the loan back with worthless paper money. The dollar will be worth 25 cents next year. Don’t get caught saving cash. If you want to save, save gold bullion.

There are times to be a lender. There are times to be a borrower. Now is the time to be a borrower.

The fed is desperately trying to avoid a depression and collapsing prices.

If they succeed Nick may be right but if not prices will continue to decline.

Another great depression is a real possibility and should not be discounted.

It may all start happening when GM goes under Monday. Over 40 suppliers are already gone. Dealers will be closing, and hundreds, if not thousands, of empty buildings will be boarded up. Not only it will feel like a depression, it will look like it. The federal reserve is out of money. It is not looking good. Most news in the media is trying to be positive, but is waining quickly. It all will get real very soon.