Keep the ball rolling...

Ok we had a successful meeting and even though its only been over for a day lets keep things moving. Lets not have meeting and then nothing get done. I think…once again THINK…and this message board is a way to communicate and if I am wrong correct me. Things we want to see or get done.

  1. See the SOP
  2. Support John and Dennis in getting us certified in insurance inspections. Get input from them as to what we need.
  3. Get a standard form on these insurance inspections? So that we can be consistent in what we do and what we look like and to get others used to seeing OUR reports?
  4. Peer reviews? If anyone is interested on a VOLUNTEER basis, I am more than interested.
    A. the rules I thought of - Reviewer has to be from MORE than 100 miles away so not in direct competition.
    B. It is to be used as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. No pass of fail (for now)
    C. Don’t see why we cannot use it as a marketing point. Something like; We are professionaly reviewed on a volunteer basis by our competition to ensure that you get the best inspection the industry has to offer…something like that.
    D. Can we make a Florida CMI? I guess we can ask Nick if thats possible. Since FL NACHI can have a proctored test why cant we make a Florida CMI that would include like Real Requirements (like ones that actually get verified), Maybe a Peer review to ensure the SOP is being met and a test that takes more than a 3rd grade education to pass and a verification of the information submitted. Just an idea.

I am personally looking for about 50 people I can team up with, get ideas and give ideas. Have them come down and look at my system and tell me where I suck and need help. People PASSIONATE about the industry. I mean want to gross $1,000,000 a year doing this. People who are presently synonymous with quality. I met a couple this weekend and will hopefully get to go to their place of business and see how they work and vice versa…

I just don’t want things to get hot and bothered for a week or two and then fizzle out…Please give me input…I am just one simple minded guy with ideas and NEED HELP in bringing these ideas to fruition…

I liked your idea about providing agents with ce credit while doing salescalls. Particularly insurance ce’s in my case.

OK I forgot about that…I will take ALL info from here and send it to NICK and we can either get his blessing or his NO GO and then go from there…So I will add

Getting classes certified through FREC and see how to get people to TEACH those classes. FREC is Florida Real Estate Commision…I will add that to the list.

YOU may have to put input in writing the class. Since you and John are th big men on campus. I think Realtors would be shocked at how LITTLE the price goes down when you have shutters and a few other discounts. Great info…and it is now noted.

Has anyone gotten a class approved to teach from FREC? If so please educate us.

Sounds Great,

Count me in guys for what ever needs to be done…I am looking to take my company to the next level…

Chapter members have been added to Nachi There is also picture of the meeting.

Russ, I have another idea for the Peer review group also. I plan on coming to see your set-up soon.

Here are some images from the meeting

I just received a private message about “consistent report form”. That would ONLY be for the wind mitigation and other INSURANCE Forms. NOT HOME INSPECTIONS. Sorry for any confusion that may have caused. I would NEVER want to limit people. But that is in the hands of NACHI management. Like I said that was just an idea…Dennis and John can determine what they want if anything…

I am just trying to get people involved in any way possible…

Insurance ce’s are important as well.

Dennis if you can work on the inurance CE’s I will work with FREC to see how we can become educators for CE’s. Fair enough?

Sounds good to me

I am interested in volunteering for peer reviews and will offer my time in anyway that will benifit this new direction. We may want to deligate certain responsibilities out, so that no one individual is responsible for making everything happen. I am available ----- let me know where the support is needed — I am pretty good at getting to the bottom of things, whether that means contacting and being persistent with the State regulatory bodies or otherwise. Also, maybe we should have a designated thread where these issues are the primary focus.

Ok Google will delete our docs in January so

Be sure to check out the pics, files and add a link to you site!

John I want to be a member of FLORIDA INSURANCE INSPECTORs. What needs to be done?

Send me your nachi id

John & Michelle acccomplished a major acheivement. When people in this industry group together often the differences spark debates which solve problems. I will cite an example: due to Russels stubborn insistence that he has no input to representation in the negotitiations which the Inachi representative has with the FHIC I think most at the meeting felt the same. Solution might be to concentrate on getting the FHIC to cross off the list those items which can readily be agreed upon and bring to the constituents of the four groups those items which cannot be easily negotitiated for an informal concensus VOTE to decide how to proceed. These individuals should be working for our interests and not concerned with their own agenda (not speaking of the INachi reps) or egos. If there is no concensus from this group there is a risk that we have NO input in the 11th hour when all this gets decided.

I second that motion to…to…hell there is no one to second it to because they are all APPOINTED!..Damn the luck!

Good ideas. My only comments(3) are:

  1. Regarding CMI verification: CMI already verifies everything completely, requires documented evidence be included with the application, and requires a notarized statement.

  2. Regarding CMI exam: We can’t swap out the CMI exam to one you like because CMI doesn’t have an exam in its requirements and never did, however:
    … a. we acknowledge that much of the required CE likely involved exams or at least quizzes.
    … b. CMIs in licensed states already passed a state-approved exam.
    … c. CMIs that are members of inspection associations likely passed at least one exam.

  3. Regarding FHIC: Once the SOP has been open for public comment by the DBPR, why do we need FHIC at all? I don’t see how Florida will be any different than any other licensed state in that InterNACHI’s dominance in a state increases after licensing anyway. FHIC will become irrelevant. No?

Nick we can go round and round about the CMI…I need 3 letters from my family members or something…But if you want to view it as “legit” its your baby…Nothing I can say…well maybe…

We were told the FHIC was OUR INTERNACHI voice…if we had concerns about an SOP DRAFT…then we would contact our representative for comments…No?..Hell, I don’t know, its what I was told.

Nick we are afraid that the SOP maybe not in the best interest of the inspector. Once it comes out, if there are things we feel are unfair.,what do we do? We were told to contact Mr. Fackler…is that not the correct step?

Not ALL states that require licensing to pass a proctored exam…I didn’t!

So in short…CMI is the way it is…thats that…I can deal with that…will just think of the next step…Now that you have flooded the market with jimmy out of work contractors we do have to market and I am looking for ways to stand out. But there is that ONE guy who failed…We have that going for us…

PS I missed ya Nick…

Certainly NOT. I see no purpose for a second coalition when most inspectors in Florida already belong to Florida’s, the U.S.'s and the world’s largest inspection organization. What do they strive to be that InterNACHI already isn’t?

LMAO…You better tell the left hand what the right hand is doing…thats what we were told, Mr. Fackler was OUR representative and ALL concerns should go through him.

Sweet that is SO FREAKING awesome… Your the best…Hey Nicky your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind…

INACHI…whatever you want, we got it! Since we have the pull its gonna get done…just sit back…SWEET…Just like the licensing…O WAIT A MINUTE…we got screwed there…

Sorry Nick, going by past track record here in Florida…and its not that good. I will go through FHIC. That is the representatives that were elected…O wait again. Damnit I will get this straight one day…appointed to represent me and well for whatever its worth I will try them. You seem to yell your the biggest and baddest MOFO on the block and yet midgets kick your ***…