State of Illinois issues another CE license to NACHI (Structure, 6 hours).

Now if we could just get some of these courses scheduled for presentation. The Illinois license period end is coming up in November and there are many inspectors out there (even non-NACHI) who would love to get six hours for about 1/4 of what the other providers and associations charge.

The Chicago Chapter stands ready to give these courses whenever we are allowed.

Hope this helps.

Charging 1/4 less or better yet getting it for free is great BUT it gets your Chapter nothing in the bank. I keep seeing posts on all type of web sites wondering how ASHI groups get more press, more recognition, the ability to hire lobbyists, etc. Its their local Chapters (many charge $125-$200 p/yr for membership) and their individual Chapter’s Annual Educational Seminars (most charge $175 to $300 for a 2 or 3 day seminar).

Just in the midwest the St.Louis ASHI Chapter probably has a $40,000 bank account; the Great Lakes ASHI Chapter must have $75,000 - $100,000 put away; the Great Pains ASHI Chapter in Kansas City has around $20,000 in its coffers. Think about it guys - when you’re so tickled you got a freebie or low cost seminar, they paid. When they want to do Radio Ads, TV Ads, take out a full page ad in the yellow pages or Realtors directory, hire a lobbyist, etc to push for new licensing favoring them - they’ve got the bucks to go do it without nickling each other to death. Guys this ain’t rocket science. Its like with a buyers - you almost always get exactly what you paid for.


With the venue and food, the Chapter makes about $2.00 per Chapter member for the classes.

When non-Chapter members, who are NACHI members attend, we charge $35.00 and the Chapter makes $12.00

When non-NACHI members attend, we charge them $50.00 and make $27.00 per head.

We now have 3 courses approved by the state and more on the way. When we get more courses, we will have some ‘education events’ and be able to get a bigger crowd. Also, these courses are going to be offered all around the state, not just in our area.

The key seems tobe education as a revenue generator in order to fund marketing and advertizing. It’s a good idea to have non-NACHI members doing the majority of funding for NACHI advertizing.

Keep up the good work. Keep us inform when you are having these ‘education events’.