State of Illinois issues InterNACHI Deck Framing course license.

Working on more, Nick.

The Chicago Chapter now has its own CE license and we are working on many more courses to NACHI members (and non-NACHI members, at slightly higher fees).

I would hope that the Illinois State Chapter and the Chicago Chapter would have recoprocity with each other. If the down-staters want to have any of our courses, I know that I would be happy to present them, at no charge for me (I don’t take money for teaching).

Just let us know.

Also, Ken has done a great job of bringing the NACHI courses to those who live far awy from Chicago. (almost like two different states, here).

Will …my business has been picking up to the point where I would like to take a little break from my report to say thank you for all the help.
You made a difference to my career.

I hope this advice continues to make a difference.


I need my laughter break once in a while.
Chris Currins had just sent me a great You tube video on developers and inspectors in Chicago.
It is the Tomacor guy and I passed it on to my client.