Stay tuned in Ontario

Are you a “licensed” home inspector in Barrie Ontario? A business license is now required along with a background check.
Home Inspectors read items 26, 47 and definitions

This is likely a step that other municipalities will follow. Stay tuned!

Holy mackeral…:shock:


The cost of liability insurance is usually $1K or less.



Do they consider liability insurance there like the U.S; if you drop a ladder through a car windshield in the driveway your covered?

Seems crazy to have that much liability insurance, or do they consider Errors and Omissions Insurance liability in Canada?

I have not heard of a home inspector getting Liability Insurance in Ontario with our e&o I would be very interested to find out where it can be bought .
Roy Cooke


I know it sounds excessive,but consider that same ladder killing or injuring someone!


I have never heard of a HI having it either,as a contractor I have it.

Call your Broker if you need it.

Does your insurance cover you for home Inspections Have you let your company know that you do home inspections .
I had inquired a long time ago and have been told others have tried to get it recently and we all have had no luck with our E&O.


I don’t carry E&O insurance

I carry a separate policy for liability. I am not so much worried about the ladder falling on a car but on someone’s head. The policy also covers other things like a rider for your equipment in your car, office, fraud etc. The policy is $500 for 2 million.

You can get this insurance through Pierre M. Thiboudeau

Perhaps the liability insurance is required to satisfy the potential of liability for permitting an inspector into a home and causing other professional misconduct. This also may feed into more recent concerns respecting thiefs under guise as a home inspector in a home or allowing criminals to possibly be entering into a private residence within said municipality.

There have been ongoing discussions in many jurisduction and also with realtors about criminal background checks on home inspectors. After all - background checks are requirements in OREA to assure the assocaitions due diligence of its members. I view it as the cities indication of claiming their own due diligence.

I was under the impression Pierre will only sell policies to Oahi-Cahpi members?

Thats strange I thought OAHI was the quasi authority in Ontario? Why is someone representing themselves as spokesperson in Ontario for CAHPI?

I had heard the same thing and I just went to his web site it also only had Home inspectors for CAHPI in Ontario.
Some where some one is mistaken . I talked to a NACHI member from PQ and he told me that independants and NACHI members in PQ could not get insurance only inspectors who belong to the PQ Homeinspectors association could get insurance it Quebec.
Roy Cooke

When I tried to renew my insurance, they would not sell a policy for E&O without CGL, and vice versa.

Also fyi the Municipal Act


I wonder how Barrie will handle this .
They are a strange town .
So many bylaws most have no idea . My son had a car he was restoring kept it in his Garage and moved it out side to work on it . he got a fine in the mail for having a car with no plates . $200;00 I think .
He protested and said it is an old car and I can not get plates until it is roadworthy.
To bad themes the rules . He asked how to protest and was told To bad themes the rules Plate it or get more tickets.
He paid the fine and got rid of the car.
He is far from Happy with the town of Barrie.
Roy Cooke

That sure is strange, given the fact that one has the right to appeal to the courts for relief.

For instance. I am having problems with a neighbour who lets their dog bark through the nite hours contrary to the by-law. The by-law enforcement will not lay charges unless I keep a log of the hours the dog is barking. Because they will not be able to get a conviction. I have had to resort to calling the offending party during the early morning hours and waking them to tell them to keep the dog quiet.

As to an old car, your son should have registered an appeal. I don’t know how you can get plates for a vehicle unless certified to be road worthy by a Certified Licence Mechanic.

This is nothing but a tax renvenue for Barrie. I also doubt they have adequate resources to enforce it. Many by-laws are broken daily by residents of municipalities and nothing is enforced until someone complains. Even then if fine imposed they have to catch you in the act and then you can appeal, that is due process, you can’t circumvent due process.

Dog Barking I had the same difficulty and I took a tape recording and talked into the tape giving the time and Date. Took a copy to the town and they then sent a letter to the offender and we got it fixed .

Roy Cooke

That’s scary. That would be totally inadmissable in U.S. as who knows what dog you had barking while you were talking into the tape. How absurd and unfair. :roll: