Steel Rebar Exposing

Had steel rebar exposed on the front left corner of this home. There were horizontal cracks in the foundation for 4 or 5 feet with a 2 foot section of the exterior beam crumbling apart around it. There were horizontal and vertical cracks in the brick veneer near this corner as well. I’ve never seen a case of exposed and corroding steel rebar causing this much cracking in the brick veneer. I suppose my question is whether anyone else has seen this much progression of corroded steel rebar, crumbling foundation beam and brick veneer cracking. Or is this just a case of foundation settlement. Couldn’t really tell for sure. The grading went from the front of the home toward the left side and then toward the back. There was a French drain system installed along the front side of the home with a pop-up emitter near the front left corner of the home. Not sure why they would install the pop-up emitter so close to the foundation

. There was also the main supply line and sprinkler backflow preventer installed at this corner as well. I did not observed a change in the water meter gauge over a period of time. Help.

There were no vertical cracks observed in the foundation beam.

Observation: Masonry/mortar ‘Step/Serpentine cracks.’
Recommend: A licensed masonry contractor repair cracked and degraded mortar. Insure the masonry is weather tight.

I can barely make out the foundation crack.
Suspect: Horizontal foundation crack.
Recommend a licensed poured concrete foundation installation contractor with inhouse engineer evaluate the foundation prior purchase.

Vertical masonry crack.
I would recommend an ESA Phase 1.
Looks like the foundation was built on expansive soil if the foundation and masonry cracks are any indication.
shifting mansonry