Steel Rhino Property Inspections - Best Franchise Opportunity Around

Hi, I’m Jim Michael, there are many quality inspectors accross the US and Canada that just can’t seem to get your phone to ring. If this is the case with you or, you want to get into a low cost opportunity, feel free to call me directly. (303-249-5380 Cell) or e-mail (

I have the best opportunity around, which includes a quality training program. I am the only Franchise endorsed by Inter-NACHI (Nick Gromicko).

We have proven successess in this economy with fantastic marketing techniques.

Our reporting system is the best in the industry, making it easy for an inspector to perform up to 3 inspections in one day and get the reports out that same day.


That’s funny. Is Ben a partner in this venture? Which reporting system do you utilize? I thought HIP was the best.

No, Ben is not a partner… however, we have the endorsement of Nick and Ben…

As for the software, I use a custom software for our Franchise… it takes about 20-30 minutes after the inspection to upload photos, link them to the section, and send it to the client and realtor. The average report has 80-110 photos.


IMO that’s insane.

Why would that many photos need to be included in an average report?

Before going further… where’s your proof of this?

Yes. What a waste of time.

Franchises spend a lot of effort getting people to sign up, and then bleed them dry, nickel and diming to death and consistently under-delivering on their failed promises.

Stay far, far away from these people.

I have never met a franchisee in any kind of business who was happy with their franchisor.

It is a terrible, one-sided business relationship that is almost impossible to get divorced from.

I’ve heard it said before to never trust a man with two first names, I think that it either came from an old movie or TV show, not sure.


Look at the prices they advertise…incredibly low.

Now figure giving a portion of this small portion to the franchise owner(s)

Don’t add up to be profitable.

^ I owned a franchise for years and was very happy with the relationship.

There are many highly successful franchise systems out there. I’m not suggesting that I think this is going to be one of them, but there is nothing inherently wrong with the franchise business model.

Wrong company me thinks

Was it a Home Inspection Franchise, Chuck?

If so, would you mind mentioning which one you very happy with?

We have a couple franchises here in the Phoenix area, I have never met any of the owners though.

I see the one I posted was in New Jersey, I figured it was a franchise, the name Rino Inspections wouldn’t be a very common name I surely wouldn’t think, but I could be wrong.

No it was wan’t related to home inspections. I’m not convinced that this business lends itself well to franchising.

Interesting that there is virtually nothing on the web about Steel Rhino other than their own website, one linked-in page and this thread. It all seems to be oriented around Colorado. Is this a national franchise? I would love to see the FDD.

Ahh…I believe your correct, Steel Rino…using what looks like Dom’s inspection software.

Yes, the poster should post the FDD.

Yes, they use a version they customized. I can tell you that Jim does a ton of inspections a year based on the uploaded reports. He’s definitely a busy guy, just like you.

The website does not suggest a franchise organization.

a couple questions…

  • Initial Franchise Fee?
  • Advertising Fee?
  • Continuing Royalty % Fee?

I can honestly say that I am extremly happy with GPI/NPI. The fees are low and the support is great. I havespoken with almost all the franchises over the last couple of years and they all appear to be happy as well.It feels like a family. If I find an issue on an inspection there is tech support on call all the time. That may be why I don’t post a lot of questions here.

Just a personal reference. Jim is a standup fellow - has been president of the Denver Nachi group for a while - works hard for his fellow HIs. If I was just starting out I would look into it. And he is doing something right becuase he keeps 3 inspectors really busy, even in a down market.

I can keep three inspectors in down market. That does not make me a great person to run a franchise. It is not selling widgets, it’s is selling home inspections. Colorado is very different than Arizona and California and Florida.

I just do not see a need for a franchise anymore. What doesn’t NACHI do? They help with marketing, make all you logos, flyers, brochures and mentoring.

It seems to me if your a member of NACHI and failing then maybe your the type of person to not run a business. Not ragging on people that are failing, but some are just not good business owners but great workers.

Is there a guarantee that it will succeed? I would think not. But maybe he is offering something a typical franchise doesn’t. But it seems to me that if your looking to be spoon fed, then maybe this is not the best profession for you. Many decisions, judgement calls and decisions have to be made on the spot and there is a ton riding on it for the client.

Just my .02 and maybe not even worth it?.