Steel Rhino 3 Marketing Tips

Hey, our phone continues to ring, no matter what the economy is doing…

  • Have someone answer the phone, NOT the Inspector… he should be working

  • Provide great reports to the realtors, the SAME day as the inspection

  • Talk about your company and what you do differently than others… (MAKE IT FUN!) during marketing meetings.

Feel free to call if you have questions or want expaples! 303-920-7276

Have Fun and enjoy your job!

So you are the guys that have been calling me all week!

SPAM !!!


I think you are confused about this…

  1. Why would I call, I’m in Colorado
  2. This thread was started to educate and inform inspectors
  3. Nowhere in here does it say to call people, it says “Answer the Call”, using someone other than the inspector… You, should be busy inspecting!

Jim Michael
Steel Rhino

Not called me…

Those are marketing tips? These “tips” have been said on this site over and over…no news here.

Not knocking your program mbut I think maybe you feel that you can replicate “YOU”. You can give me the EXACT things to say, but if not said in a professional manner, presented in a professional way with a person who has a “professional” appearance, then all the advice is for crap…

You are so right… these threads are designed to encourage positive feedback… meaning people can expand on them…

Yes, and No News here either, but Professionalism and positive attitude is a must when on the phone or in person!


No, I don’t normally call… I don’t have that kind of time

Jim Michael