Step down into a Garage Height

Did a warranty inspection today on a upscale townhome that is a rental property. One item I noticed was that the step down to the garage from the interior as you went out the door was 10". I know the normal rise of a step is around 8". This is a concrete slab step.

This difference was noticable by feel to me as I stepped out. Is there a max allowable? How would you call this out? I see it as at least a trip hazard. Repair options seem pretty limited.


Call it out easy fix install a 5 inch step.
Roy Cooke

Maximum allowable is 7 3/4". Roy is right a 5" step will fix the problem.

I noted that the step was too high and a trip hazard. I will allow the builder to come up with the solution if the client decides they want it fixed.

Thanks for the answers.