Stephen Secrist, code of ethics essay

Stephen Secrist
InterNACHI Code of Ethics Course Essay

I have come to the realization that becoming a home inspector is my calling. So I joined InterNACHI and built a website. My website stated that I am a Certified Home Inspector. Right off the bat my phone starts to ring. I am very excited to get my first call which is from a real estate agent who is frantic. She explains that she is representing a couple who have very little money and need to get their house pre-certified to sell even though they know their furnace is faulty. They are willing to pay an extra $200 to have me do the inspection as well as the $400 inspection price, and the realtor guarantees she will refer all of her clients to me if I will overlook the faulty furnace. I refer to my Code of Ethics. This is not ok and I could end up in front of the Ethics Committee for possible sanctions and/or expulsion from InterNACHI. I tell her that I can not do this. She respects my decision and we live happily ever after.

Such a simple thing to do. Post your assignments on the STUDENT portion of the message board. So many try so few appear to succeed at it.

You FLUNK for not being able to follow simple instructions given in the course. :roll:

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