Sticky Sliding Glass Doors

I’m looking for a narrative that addresses sliding glass doors that have sticky/dirty tracks. Not a track & roller replacement but just dirty tracks.

Also, I’m looking to suggest a solution - I’m sure “spray with WD40” is not my best option.


Silicone or alumalub

When sliding glass doors get “sticky” they should be removed by a qualified person, and the tracks (door and threshold) need to be thoroughly cleaned and (sparingly) lubricated with a “light” oil such as 3-in-1 Household oil.

That 3-In-One Oil is the best, prefer that over WD-40

WD-40 washes off with moisture. It’s useless in wet areas. Be better off with a silicone spray in those areas, just make sure it is dry before spraying or it won’t adhere worth a damn.

And no matter which lubricant you use… make sure the area is CLEAN before applying. It is sticking because of all the crap built up, not lack of lubricants!


Is the roller adjusted properly to raise the door… just wondering… I see it all the time where a screwdriver used to raise door a bit fixes problem.

While I’m not a fan of applying any type of oil lubricant directly to the track, even thought at first the door will work fantastic, it also makes a get collector of dirt, as Jeff mentioned very sparingly.

“Sliding glass door was sticky and difficult to operate. Recommend adjusting/servicing roller and cleaning track for better operation.”

I have used this and its made for it.
Protexall Products 11-oz LC Alumaslick Aluminum Lubricant


Beeswax used in wood working does well in these areas.

Silicone stick. West Marine. There are also some that are sold in hardware stores but the white stick of silicone is the absolute most effective product I have used.