Storage of full size 18 wheeler trailers

Does anyone know how many full size shipping containers you could safely stack fully loaded, "the type you see getting shipped worldwide on 18 Wheelers daily in our Country " from standard Pan-Max cargo ships that come to our ports and you see on the road?

In other words how many full size standard height and fully loaded would be safe if properly secured to the ground, pavement, concrete etc…

How many containers is the “Normally” accepted height?

I am wondering from a humanitarian perspective because they can be used to make water, electricity and to grow food in and even live in. So I am trying to get an idea of how many square feet or yards you could get out of one footprint to work with if height is not an issue

I watch a lot of alternative farming, electricity and water creating resource type programs for under developed or more recently disaster plagued areas.

I just thought some of you guys may have been in the shipping / storage industry in a past life and have some sort of ballpark idea. The containers would be the most common steel type at this point but I also wonder about recycled containers if they even make them yet and their durability compared to those that rust.

I know fiberglass stuff does not really last a long time in salt air by water unless it is resurfaced at least every 7 years or so. At least my electric, water light post on my dock did not last long before the fiberglass strands were exposed enough to do damage to your hand and the same with boat whips. My neighbors recycled composite dock warped and the screw heads rose but they have not rotted yet compared to my high quality never been treated 10+ year old wood deck which has rotted in some places but stayed relatively straight without the screw heads rising.

It just seems that shipping containers can be re-purposed for a ton of things good for humanity and I am trying to learn more about them in general.

Thanks in advance for any info or knowledge you can share.

I have seen some guys that have turned them into giant batteries that supply power to remote places in Africa and such and I just find it interesting and it may be a way to help make our word better for the people on it. Have a great night :slight_smile:

If they are empty, I bet you could stack them higher than the crane can reach

I am wondering fully loaded or damn near so they can be used for the reasons I have mentioned. There are some pretty damn big cranes :slight_smile: I imagine wind and what they are stacked on would matter a ton as well. For not lets just imagine raw semi firm soil you would find in most f-cked up places :slight_smile: Just me trying to figure ways to leave this world better than when I leave it.

I have seen them used for many things in some pretty tough places in the world.

A system that could grow food while producing the water and energy needed to do so from the environment would be the general idea. any hot sunny humid hopefully windy areas should do the trick. Given solar and wind power you should be able to charge batteries that light led’s and cool by dehumidifying thus producing water as a byproduct to grow plants, etc…

You can grow approximately the same amount of leafy greens and herbs with 5 gallons of water appors per day in a standard semi sized unit as you could on 2 acres and that would take way more water.

I just started a Areoponics Towergarden it got me into looking into other ideas.

Of course how our computers know friggen everything we do now that I dumped Direct T.V. Due to their sorry A-s service I was at and it threw up an add for this product and I thought it was pretty cool and got me to thinking. Below is a link to the container idea for stuff came from, pretty cool, I think.

You can stack 75 under the current YAC regulations.

Wow… that’s a ton of space just going up with such a small footprint. Thanks.

According to Super cubes, they sell and ship containers " For cargo-worthy and one-trip containers, you can stack them 9 high."
75 x 9ft or even 8 ft 40 yd containers weighing about 10000 lbs ea empty I don’t think so. That’s 750,000 lbs on the bottom four small points and at least 600 ft high.

I thought that seemed pretty darn high but I have JUST started investigating and have NO IDEAS at this point. Just the idea of going Up with a small footprint. All input and ideas are welcome. I am seriously just trying to help the planet and it’s inhabitants on “THIS” one.

Does anyone know if there are recycled containers lighter and or possibly stronger or less susceptible to the elements? The world is a harsh place and sure fu-ks up things made out of metal, no matter how stainless they claim to be :slight_smile:

Don’t you want to know what YAC regulations is?

Stacking ISO containers 10 high on land is reasonable, and stacks as high as 12
may be possible depending on the type of container purchased and on the loading
of the container with Off-Axis detector elements. For a final detector design,
good engineering practice would require that the corner posts of the selected
containers be loaded to failure to more accurately determine the safety factor
of the stacked array.

J. Cooper, J. Kilmer, B. Wands Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia,
IL 60510 (May 29, 2003)

The actual values of modern containers are generally higher. Many are designed to be stacked eight or nine high. The maximum stacking load must be marked on the CSC plate. (More details are given in the relevant section of the Handbook).

Yes and was thankful and said so. But did not look it up till your last post. On page one I mainly found :slight_smile: Youth Advisory Council and for some reason handball stuff so I guess you were NOT trying to be helpful. That is not to surprising given your track record. As I said I KNOW NOTHING about storage containers except I used to rent them to keep construction equipment in…

Thanks Marcel,

Good info :slight_smile: