Container houseing

Anyone inspected any of these yet!

Yea Carl, but no one lived in them.

Flashing requirements .05%

Locking mechanisims suck and hard to operate.

No foundation required.

Open space design.

Holds a lot of building materials.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

That was pretty cool video Carl. :cool:

And they are going to az.

Dale will get bored.

He’ll find a hole somewhere in that stucco. :smiley: :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile:

And the flashing problem!!:mrgreen:

I had these guys build me a construction welding clean room in Scotland in 94 or 95. Most of their suff goes off shore in the North Sea, but while touring their facility we got to see a rig they built for Nuke plant. Pretty cool.

I can see installing these ugly containers on job sites to utilize as an office space or storage shed, but if anyone is thinking of using these as their home, they’ve got to be absolutely out of their mind.

Looks better than some of the homes the builders build around here!

Why would they be out of their mind, its affordable, readily available, very cost efficent, durable, and they are renewable, easily transported to site.

Its no different than people using airplane fuesleages as homes.

Good luck to them when company arrives. I hope they enjoy the humiliation.

Whats it like to have no humility?